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Can scabies be killed by extreme cold?

No, scabies cannot be killed by extreme cold. However, they can bekilled by taking a prescription of Topical Permethrin 5 percent andoral Ivermectin.
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What causes extreme cold?

Extreme weather conditions make you cold . Extreme cold actually is lack of heat. Just as black is actually the absence of all color. earth releases it's heat back to space ( Full Answer )
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How does extreme heat or cold affect your health?

In short either extreme cold also known as hypothermia or extreme heat also known as hyperthermia can affect your health.. Hypothermia extreme cold. Hypothermia can impact t ( Full Answer )
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How does extreme heat affect your health?

Extreme heat can cause heatstroke (the body overheats, that would be over 107 degrees F) or dehydration if enough fluids are not taken, or sunstroke if the heat is accompanied ( Full Answer )
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What is extreme heat?

hot weather Temperatures that hover 10 degrees or more above the average high temperature for the region and last for several weeks are defined as extreme heat. Humid or m ( Full Answer )
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What happens to enzymes in extreme cold?

They die cause they can't handle the cold temperatures, or they shiver and perform the job better. Something along those lines!
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Feeling extremely cold?

I don't understand this question, but if a person gets extremely cold and body drops to -86% somewhere along that number. It causes extreme cold, numbness, and if this happens ( Full Answer )
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What is cold heat?

Hot and cold are used as comparatives. Almost anything can be hot or cold depending on what you compare it to.
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Can extreme heat or cold affect a USB or floppy disk?

I dont know about USB's but for floppys, yes direct heat and cold can damage a floppy as its not cased very well, they are typically meant to be disposable. Consider this, a s ( Full Answer )
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Does dying of extreme cold hurt?

No. No it feels really good. 1.thats the dummest thing to ask. 2.yes it hurts you get frostbite and other things. 3.dying from temputers hurt alot worse than shooting your ( Full Answer )
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What happens to your body in extreme cold?

Your body will start to shut down in extremely cold temperatures.You may get frostbite and lose feeling and circulation in your armsand legs.
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Can extreme cold put a fire out?

no extreme cold can not put a fire out, but extreme humidity can because of all the moisture.
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Why does the moon have extreme heat and extreme cold?

it has no atmosphere to distribute heat and no water to absorb and release heat. he earth's relatively consistent temperatures are caused by the fact that 70% of its surface ( Full Answer )
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Why is it extremely cold in outer space?

There are millions of suns in space but space is too big and the way we get heat is by using the sun. Space is wide and is too big to heat up. Just like turning on the heater ( Full Answer )
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How does extreme cold affect Canada goose hunting?

They will typically stay on water longer in the morning to conserve energy and then seek a food source such as corn or beans once they leave the roost. They'll typically feed ( Full Answer )
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How does the cold weather affect your health?

it makes you sick cuz it is cold and your body is not that used to it and so it affects your heath so you can get like colds and runny noses.
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How does extreme cold effect the body?

it effects the body because our normal body temperatures are 37 degrees, if it is extremly cold it can stop the blood circulation running smoothly, like pins and needles if yo ( Full Answer )
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How does a kangaroo cope in extreme heat?

Kangaroos are essentially nocturnal. They are more active in the cooler hours of the early morning and the late afternoon. During the heat of the day they are more sedentary, ( Full Answer )
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How do walruses adapt to extreme cold?

They have blubber (fat) under their skin which acts as insulation so they keep warm, even in cold temperatures like that
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How can heat or cold affect rosacea?

Limiting exposure of the face to excesses of heat and cold can also help. A sunscreen with a skin protection factor (SPF) of 15 or greater used daily
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Does heat or cold affect rigamortis?

yes the hotter the temp. the faster you decomp. the colder the temp. the longer it takes
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How does heat and cold affect a compost pile?

Extreme heat and cold will effect compost formation. Many times I have measured very active compost piles, with sufficient moisture, at 120 degrees F. Temperatures above may b ( Full Answer )
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Does extreme summer heat affect car battery life?

Yes. Summertime heat can affect your battery worse than the winter cold. Most batteries fail in the month of July than in January, because of the heat. Heat is a killer of a ( Full Answer )
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How do you survive extreme cold?

Eat in very high calories. Where lots of warm clothes and thecalories can help by giving your body enough energy to stay warm.
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What will happen if there is extreme cold on plants?

Extreme cold on most plants results in frost burns (or a condition known as Black Frost). This occurs when water in the cells of the plants freezes, it forms crystals and expa ( Full Answer )
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How heat and cold affect rocks?

Heat and cold affect/break the rocks when the weather changes .. The weather changes : 1. Warm/Very Warm/Calm Warm 2. Cold/Very Cold/Calm Cold I hope this answer helps ... ( Full Answer )
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Why do you get extremely cold all of the time?

exercise will take this problem away My Advice: This may be a serious health issue! Speak to yourdoctor! Things that could cause this: Things like Diabeties, cancer, commonC ( Full Answer )
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Why plants die in extreme heat?

when it is in very heat area water which the plant is having willevaporate and it will cause to death of the plant i guess