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How does a mirror entertain a hamster?

Some hamsters find it extremely interesting to see itself in a mirror. Some hamsters do think it is another hamster they are seeing, but get confused on how to reach them. Or your hamster may just like the edges and… Full Answer

Do hamsters catch human illnesses?

Yes. Hamsters can get human illnesses. It is important when your sick to leave your hamster alone. Hamsters can get sick easily if they're not properly taken care off. If you get worried you should take him to the vet. Full Answer

How can hamsters die?

Hamsters die of old age but another very common type of death for a hamster is stress. If a hamster has to much stress, they will get a disease called wet tail. In a few days, they will die. Also… Full Answer

What are the types of hamsters?

There are many types. Common hamster (any colour), panda bear hamster (black and white), black bear hamster (black), teddy bear hamster (any colour), golden hamster (any colour), albino hamster (white with pink eyes), dwarf hamsters (any colour). All of these… Full Answer