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What is sociobiology the study of?

Sociobiology is a field of scientific study which is based on the assumption that social behavior has resulted from evolution and attempts to explain and examine social behavior within that context.

Who is the father of sociobiology?

E. O. Wilson is considered the father of sociobiology. The level of interest in sociobiology- the evolutionary study of social behavior- greatly increased after the publication of his book, Sociobiology that was published in 1980.

What is sociobiology?

It's the branch of biology that compares researches in the social organization with animals and humans in regarding to it's evolutionary history. Sociobiologists research in finding out why animal's aggresion and altruism are part of survival in the animal's genes… Full Answer

How do you become a sociobiologist?

A good place to begin is to read Edward O. Wilson's book "Sociobiology, The New Synthesis" published in 1975. Wilson is the father of sociobiology: the impact that our genetic inheritance has on our behaviors. Second, sociobiology is an off-shoot… Full Answer

What has the author Jeffrie G Murphy written?

Jeffrie G. Murphy has written: 'Punishment and rehabilitation' -- subject(s): Rehabilitation, Criminals, Punishment, Capital punishment 'Evolution, morality, and the meaning of life' -- subject(s): Ethics, Evolution, Sociobiology, Meaning (Philosophy) 'Retribution reconsidered' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Law, Punishment 'Punishment and the moral… Full Answer

What has the author Hallie Black written?

Hallie Black has written: 'Animal cooperation, a look at sociobiology' -- subject(s): Animal behavior, Animal societies, Animals, Habits and behavior, Juvenile literature, Social behavior in animals, Sociobiology 'Dirt cheap' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Natural resources, Renewable natural resources 'Animal Cooperation'

Why do people become a part of gangs?

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