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Muscle response to exercise in short term?

The muscular system is torn slightly with strenuous exercise, especially with weight lifting. Once a muscle is torn through exercise, it recovers, and makes this muscle bigger, stronger and tougher. Therefore, all muscles are similar to calluses.

What are microtears?

They allow the muscles to get bigger if strenuous exercise is repeated after a microtear is crreated. Basically your muscle fiber and tissue get these microscopic tears while stress a paarticular area. If exercise is done properly microtears will lead… Full Answer

How does exercise effect muscle fatigue?

There are various ways through which exercise will effect muscle fatigue. This will enhance blood circulation which will deliver more oxygen to the fatigued muscles. Exercise will also cause lactic acid to be released.

Do human cells perform fermentation?

Yes- human cells undergo anaerobic fermentation when muscles perform strenuous exercise. The product of this is lactic acid, which is why you "feel the burn" when lifting weights, ect.

Does exercise effect peak flow?

yes it does in many ways such as Exercise will effect your breathing and your heart rate by making them both faster. It does this because you need more oxygen to your muscles so you are breathing faster to get… Full Answer