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What is syn syn ack ack?

Syn Syn Ack Ack means three way handshake in Transmission Control Protocol. It is referred to as Syn Syn Ack Ack because there are three messages transmitted by TCP to negotiate and start a session between two computers.

Who sings the song Will of the Wind?

The person who sings the song "Will of the Wind" is originally "Jim Photoglo". There are however many covers for the song by freelancing singers which can be found in places like youtube. These are called cover songs.

How did ack-ack get its name?

In the WW2 military phonetic alphabet (the phonetic alphabet is the one that sometimes starts Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta) A A was pronounced Ack Ack. A A :: Anti-Aircraft.

What is it like inside a tornado?

Winds are very powerful, strong enough to knock down or even lift a person. This wind often carries dirt and debris. The pressure inside a tornado is very low. Some tornadoes, though, are believed to have an eye-like structure where… Full Answer

What to say if a like you?

well, you handaround with them alot so they will get to know you more. then you say i like you and ack like it isn't very important while you are having a conversation about that stuff.

How do you say be quiet in Navajo?

nizéé! --"be quite" as in "shut up!" yiszéé -- to be quite (a thing like water or wind) haszéé or hodéezyéél --- (an area) áhodííníszéé' --- to be quiet ( a person) to become quiet (a person)-- díníshhéél

What is ack-ack?

This is slang for flak, sometimes called AA fire, othertimes known as tirple A (or AAA anti-aircraft-artillery). AA stands for Anti-Air fire. The German name for AA is Fliegerabwehr. The name flak came from the German name Flugabwehrkanone. Which loosely… Full Answer