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Is a 4.0MP canon powershot digital camera very good?

The short answer is "yes.". A few years ago I bought my wife a Canon PowerShot A520, a 4 mp camera with a 4x optical zoom. It still takes excellent photographs.. The newer C ( Full Answer )
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Is Canon Powershot a650 a good camera?

Yes it is really good digital camera.. I have it and can say that it has wonderful options and great photo quality and i think that its price is too affordable
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How do you open a Canon Powershot?

Opening Canon Powershot . Steps to opening the Canon Powershot:. 1. Read the manual, insert battery and memory card. Be sure both the battery and memory card are of a comp ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete a photo from a canon powershot camera?

First of all, It depends on the model of your Canon Powershot camera.. On a powershot A530, you simply press the upper left circle (on the back of your camera,. then it asks ( Full Answer )
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How do you set canon powershot for best pictures?

I have a PowerShot S3, which is much better than Axyz models, but still is just a compact cam. The problem to be avoided is the noise (when not in the shiny daylight). So:\n- ( Full Answer )
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Is the Canon PowerShot SD780-IS a good camera?

Yes, the Canon PowerShot SD780-IS is a GREAT camera. Canon is one of the most well-known and quality camera brands on the market. They make great cameras. This particular ca ( Full Answer )
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Are there lens for the Canon PowerShot SX30 IS?

Not sure if it's what you're looking for - but check the related link to Amazon's web-site. I typed in your camera model and it gave 58 results. NOT all are lenses - there's ( Full Answer )
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Is the Canon PowerShot sx30 a dslr?

First Anwser: No, because there is no removable lens on the SX30 itis not classified as a D-SLR.a Finay Balfour: Actually, a few Bridge cameras have removablelenses, but that ( Full Answer )
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Does the canon cameras have good quality?

Canon cameras are an excellent camera company. They have many different formats available, ranging from the digital format to manual cameras. Prices will also range dependent ( Full Answer )
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What is the value of a Canon Powershot s95?

The cost for a Canon Powershot s95 ranges from approximately $400 to $460. This depends on the retailer, any taxes, shipping charges, or extra fees which may apply.
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What type of lens does the Canon Powershot have available?

There are many different models in the Canon Power Shot line, each with its own lens. For example, the Power Shot G15 model includes a tele-converter lens while the SX230 mode ( Full Answer )
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How big is the Canon PowerShot SX500?

Search up some photos of the camera on google images. You are bound to find a lot of images
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Where can one purchase a Powershot Canon?

The Canon PowerShot is a point and click digital camera. They can be purchased at Future Shop, VIsions Electronics, Walmart and Best Buy. Prices vary by model and retailer.
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What are some features of the Canon Powershot camera?

There are many features of the Canon Powershot camera. Examples of features of the Canon Powershot camera include long zoom lenses and low-light shooting options.
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Where can one buy a Canon Powershot S3 IS?

The Canon Powershot S3 IS camera is a very highly rated digital camera. One will find this camera available for purchase from sites such as Amazon and eBay.
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Where can one purchase a Canon PowerShot SD600?

The Canon PowerShot SD600 can be purchased from many different stores and electronic retailers. Some examples of these stores include Batteries, Overstock, and Rakuten.
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What type of item is a canon powershot s5?

A Canon Powershot S5 is a type of digital camera. This camera comes loaded with features including an 8.0 megapixel resolution and multiple USB and power inputs.
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How much does canon powershot a520 cost?

The price of a Canon powershot a520 depends from where it is bought. For example, on Amazon it costs $100; however, on eBay it costs $55. The price might be lower elsewhere.
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What extra features does a Canon Powershot A95 have?

Some of the features of the Canon Powershot A95 include: 5.0 megapixels, 12x combined zoom, 3x optical zoom, 4.1x digital zoom and direct printing capabilities.
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What are the main features of the Canon Powershot G15?

The main features of the Canon Powershot G15 are: 12 mega pixel, raw format recording, ISO 80-12800, DIGIC 5 Processor, 28-140mm lens, dual axis electronic level.
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What is canon powershot a590 used for?

A Canon Powershot 590 is a digital camera. Its 8MP CCD captures enough detail for photo quality 16x22 inches prints. It also has 4x optical image stabilized zoom.
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What type of camera is a Canon PowerShot?

The type of camera that the Canon PowerShot is, is point and shoot as opposed to SLR. It is a digital camera meant for general consumers. It is aimed for non-professional came ( Full Answer )
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What are the specifications for a Canon PowerShot A630?

The Canon PowerShot A630 is a digital camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels and a 4x optical and digital zoom. The camera can produce JPEG images and MJPEG digital video wi ( Full Answer )