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Can deers mate?

Yes deers can mate they are like humans. But they are animals

Do deers talk?

No. Animals but parrots talk. Deers talk in their own language.

Do griffins have good eyesight?

Griffins do not have good eyesight - they have excellent eyesight! They can zoom their eyesight in and out at will, to be able to see out into space, to bacteria and atoms.

Is deers correct?

Not usually. Deer is both singular (one) and plural (many). As is moose. Deers can be used as a plural form of the word deer. If there are several types of deers in the same area than you can use… Full Answer

How do deers protect them self?

Deers run away at the first sign of danger, although the male deers could charge or attack with their antlers. But in general the males only use their antlers to compete among each other, so the deers mainly just runaway… Full Answer

When you see deers?

You mostly see deers late in the afternoon or early in the morning. It all depends on what area your in.

Where are deers located?

deers are spread out across the U.S.A , and there are many as much as 1.4 million in Pennslyvania, but they are being hunted.