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Why does perseverance inspire?

perseverance inspires because if someone inspires to do something, another person will be impressed and will emulate the other person and will be then, inspired by that person.

What is a blackmailer?

A blackmailer is a person who blackmails another person - who uses money or other resources to bribe or someone to do something.

What do you mean by biased?

Unfairly favouring something or someone over another thing. You might be interviewing someone for a job and favour someone against another person because that person is a friend or a relative, even though the other person was better for the… Full Answer

What does double penetrate means?

It's when someone sticks something (usually a male) into a vagina, and another person (or some person) sticks something into the rectum at the same time.

How does gossip travel in schools?

Gossip usually starts by someone telling someone something, that person telling another person, that person telling another and so on. As the story is being passed on, people change it a little, sort of like in whisper down the lane.

What is a beater?

A beater is someone who or something which beats something else, such as a stick beats a drum or a person who strikes another.

What is an expert?

A expert is when someone is really good at something. In fact, it is when a person has extended knowledge about any given subject, issue, place, person(s), or random thing.

What does Chikida mean?

It means someone special, or a loved person. This pet name is generally given to only one person from another persons view; usually to a girl.

What is conflect?

The word conflict means that there is a disagreement or argument between more than 1 person. It can also be used to describe something or someone that clashes with another person.

What does it mean to envy someone?

The desire to have for oneself, something possessed by another. It is a feeling of resentment that a person has received a benefit not necessarily deserved. Envy means to be jealous of someone or something.