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Can android apps be downloaded to your computer?

Unfortunately, no. Android applications are designed specifically for the Android operating system. Thus, they wouldn't be compatible with Windows or Apple Mac operating systems. However, certain Google based applications can be used in cooperation with a PC/Mac. Full Answer

Why is IOS more secure than Android?

One of the main reasons why iOS is more secure than Android is because Android marketplace venders have much more freedom and flexibility when it comes to distributing applications. This means that third party applications can be infected with malware… Full Answer

Is the Android SDK for Droid Phones?

The Android SDK or Standard Development Kit is a tool used by developers to code new Android Applications or apps. These apps are compatible with most or all Android phones depending on which versions of Android the developer chooses support… Full Answer

How do you get free android application?

Most people download their applications on the Google play Store. However, it is possible to find your applications on 4shared or other shared servers. Note that it is illegal to download applications if you have not buy it before. Full Answer

Why you prefer android?

I would prefer android because it is an open souce operating system and it has alot of features compared to iphone. There are alot more applications that you can download and you can also download apps that are not from… Full Answer