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How many Senators are in the US Senate?

There are 100 US Senators. Every state gets 2 senators and there are 50 states. It is important to note that the President of the Senate, the person who presides over the sess ( Full Answer )
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How many US congressmen are there?

At the federal level, the word, "Congressman" is often used to denote a member of the House of Representatives. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives . Each st ( Full Answer )
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What address do you use to write to us senators and congressmen?

The correct address to be used for correspondence with UnitedStates senators and congressmen is found on various governmentwebsites associated with the politicians in question ( Full Answer )
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Do Senators and Congressmen have to live in their districts?

Not according to the Constitution... Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution includes the requirements of holding office as a U.S. Representative, part of which states: No ( Full Answer )
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How many US Congressmen are Democrats versus Republicans?

2006 Democrats 235 Republicans 199 vacant 1 - 2013 Current Party Numbers: 113th Congress, 1st Session . House . Democrats . 200. Independents . 0. Rep ( Full Answer )
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What sets the term lengths of US Senators and Congressmen?

The US Constitution, Article I, Sections 2 and 3, sets the term lengths and qualifications for US Senators and Congressmen. Article I sets the term of office for members of th ( Full Answer )
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Are senators congressmen?

No. Although US Senators serve in one of the two "houses" of the bicameral US Congress, only Members of the US House of Representatives are referred to as "Congressman" or "Co ( Full Answer )
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How many congressmen are in the US congress?

There are 435 representatives in the US House of Representatives("congressmen"). There are 100 senators in the US Senate. There are also 6 non-voting members of the House, one ( Full Answer )
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How many US senators and congressmen are convicted felons?

DOES YOUR CONGRESSPERSON HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD? Below are a list of your elected representatives (mostly federal, but I don't mind including state politicians either ( Full Answer )
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Who are your US congressmen and senators?

it all depends upon where you live your AKA your address. and senators depends on what state you live in.
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Do US senators and congressmen need to pass a drug test to serve?

NO! In May of 1998, U.S. Representatives Joe Barton (R-Texas) and Gerald Solomon (R-NY) cosponsored a resolution (H.Res. 456), which called for mandatory drug testing of al ( Full Answer )
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How many Senators and congressmen didn't pay income taxes?

While @50% of the population that files taxes doesn't pay tax because their income isn't high enough or they have deductions to cover's reasonable to say all emember ( Full Answer )
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How many US Senators and US Congressmen are there?

There are 100 US Senators and 435 voting US Representatives (plus 6 non-voting Representatives) for a total of 535 Congresspeople (541 when you include non-voters).
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Does Puerto Rico have US Senators or Congressmen?

No, Puerto Rico does not have representation in the US Congress equal to that of a US State. What they have is a single nonvoting Member of Congress called a Resident Commissi ( Full Answer )
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How many years us congressmen elected?

The House of Representatives of Congress number 435 (435 of them from districts of roughly equal population) are elected for terms of two years. Senators (100 of them, two f ( Full Answer )
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How can you get term limits on US Senators and Congressmen?

Voters can set practical term limits on a US Senator or Congressman by voting him or her out of office in the general election. There is no way to pass a law or state constitu ( Full Answer )
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Are the wages for congressmen and senators for life?

After 5 yrs they are vested in their retirement plan. It is not at full salary. it will be a portion of their 3 highest paid years coupled with their actual years of service
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How many senators in senate US?

There are two senators for each state of the United States. Intotal, there are 100 senators that serve six year terms each.
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Who are the congressmen of the US?

The term "Congressman" is usually applied to an elected member of the US House of Representatives. For a list of the Representatives by state, see the related link below.
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How many US Congressmen does the US Congress have?

The US Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The members of Congress total 535, being: 100 Senators 435 Members of the House of Representativ ( Full Answer )
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How many US congressmen were from Puerto Rico?

None. Puerto Rico is not a state and does not have any US Representatives. They have an official observer who can make speeches and lobby for legislation, but has no vote.
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Do senators and congressmen pay into Medicare?

\n \n\n \n\n \nNo they are exempted for paying into as the the members of clergy and defense personal. \n. \n. \n. This is not the correct answer. Senators and Congressmen ( Full Answer )
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How many new congressmen and senators elected this year?

12 new Senators were elected in 2012: AZ - Jeff Flake (R) - replacing Jon Kyl (R) CT - Chris Murphy (D) - replacing Joe Lieberman (I) HI - Mazie Hirono (D) - replacing ( Full Answer )
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How many NFL quarterbacks have been US Congressmen?

The only two NFL quarterbacks have been elected to the US Congress.The first was Jack Kemp of the Buffalo Bills and the second wasHeath Shuler of the Washington Redskins. Jac ( Full Answer )
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Who are the us senators and congressmen from Georgia?

Georgia Senators . John Hardy Isakson. Saxby Chambliss. Georgia US State. Georgia is a state located in the southeastern United States. It was established in 1732, the ( Full Answer )