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How many restaurants are there in Chicago?

There are actually more than 6,000 restaurants in the city of Chicago proper, based on a report from 10 years ago. Given the birth and death rate of establishments in this sec ( Full Answer )
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How many restaurants are there in the US?

200000 That would be a hard question to answer. As you know, food establishments come and go every day in America. There are mom and pops and chains. It would also depend on ( Full Answer )
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How many restaurants are there?

cant give you a total number suggest you go to restaurant association webpage but I DO KNOW they are the industry in the US that employs the most people
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How many stores does Wendy''s have?

As of the last count in 2010, Wendy's reported to have a total of6,650 stores throughout the world. 77 percent of these stores arefound in North America.
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How many calories in a wendys hamburger?

classic single has around 450, double has 650, and the triple has 960. A plain 1/4 pound burger alone has: 220 calories
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How many subway restaurants are in the us?

There are currently 24,929 Subway restaurants in the United States. This accounts for over 1 / 3 of all Subway restaurants in the world.
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How many customers do restaurant serve?

An average of 500 or 700 people go to a restaurant a day, but you also need to remember that the cleaner the restaurant the more customers, and the cleaner and better food you ( Full Answer )
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How many restaurants does Ocean City have?

If you're talking about OCMD, then easily over a hundred, but less than half are open between October and April. and have g ( Full Answer )
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Did Wendy of Wendy's Restaurants die?

Wendy (Melinda Lou) Thomas Morse, born in 1961, is still alive and well as of 2009. Dave Thomas died in 2002.
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How many employees can restaurant city have?

It depends on your level. But the max you can have is 9 other employees (10 counting yourself.) You get your last employee at lvl 21. -XiyoReven
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How many Hardee's restaurants in the US?

Its ever changing somerwhere between 1,890 and 1,915 in the USA. Thats down from 3,500 in mid 1990s.
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How many types of restaurant in delhi?

There are Several Types of Restaurants in Delhi, mainly North Indian, Chinese, Indian, American, Hyderbadi, Russian, Italian etc. For more info visit: ( Full Answer )
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How many chefs do you need at a restaurant?

as many as u want i live in a small town and we hav a restarurant and there is only one chef.........him name is Jim and he is a fast worker but in a bigger city probably more ( Full Answer )
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How many restaurants are in Brazil?

In Sao PAulo City Are more than 12,500 in the city ! In Rio de Janeiro 371 restaurants 4 or 5 stars
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How many licensed restaurants in the UK?

Thousands ! Most restaurants that are open from early evening will have a drinks licence, since many people like a glass of wine with their meal.
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How many restaurants are in cape cod?

Cape Cod is a fairly large area made up of 15 towns. As restaurantscome and go depending on how well they do, it is very hard to givean exact number. However, a good estimate ( Full Answer )
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How many Shari's restaurants are there in Idaho?

Nine (9): They are in these Idaho cities: . Boise . Coeur D Alene . Garden City . Idaho Falls . Lewiston . Meridian . Moscow . Nampa . Twin Falls
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How many restaurants in a food court?

Honestly, how can anyone even answer this question? It entirely depends on the foot fall / traffic the mall generates....
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How many restaurants in Dallas Texas?

Only the local government knows the exact answer to this question, which is based in the number of permits requested by people wanting to open a restaurant. The good thing, th ( Full Answer )
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How many Indian restaurants are there in the world?

The number of Indian restaurants in the world is not known, butthere are numerous Indian or Indian owned or managed restaurants inthe United States and world.
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How many restaurants are there in the Disney park?

Well it depends which Disney Park you are talking about, but if you are speaking of Disney world I can easily think of at least twenty, and probably a lot more. If you include ( Full Answer )
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How many restaurants are in the Covent Garden?

A recent count showed 126 places to eat in Covent Garden. However not all of these are what many people would class as restaurants, some are grills, cafes and wine bars that ( Full Answer )