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How much does a sports agent get paid?

Sports agents are generally paid a percentage of their clients' contracts. According to, agents get about 15% of their clients salary. They get a ( Full Answer )
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How much money do travel agents get paid?

I was a Corporate Travel Agent in Canada and I made Canada $42,000.00 per year, with 3-weeks paid vacation.
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Do CIA agents have licenses to kill?

Of course not! They may be given a mission or specific target, but there is not blanket authorization allowing someone to take ant one's life.
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What kind of education does a CIA agent have to have?

It depends on which field you are going into. They have undergraduate training programs, and student opportunities in Analytical, Clandestine Service, Language, Science, Engin ( Full Answer )
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Skills CIA agent?

CIA agents are required to have skills such as mathematical acumen,relating chronological events and finding trends or similaritiesbetween two or more crime scenes. They also ( Full Answer )
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Can CIA agents have tattoos?

Yes, CIA agents can have tattoos. " I have a tattoo. Will that prohibit me from Agency employment? . Tattoos will not disqualify you from gaining employment at the CIA, and ( Full Answer )

How much does an FBI agent get paid?

FBI Special Agents enter service usually at the GS-10 ($56,421) level, depending on experience, and rise a grade each year to GS-13 ($85,500) level, GS-13 tops out at $111,148 ( Full Answer )

What is a CIA Protective Agent?

Typical duties of the Protective Agent include deploying worldwide to perform sensitive operations in support of protective requirements. Protective Agents are consistently ca ( Full Answer )
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How much does a talent agent get paid?

The payment of a talent agent can vary. It is important to notethat you will not get paid if your clients do not get paid. You canexpect to make about 10% of what your client ( Full Answer )
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What is a CIA agents salary?

A CIA agents salary is around 71,000 dollars a year. They makemoney by dong dangerous and secretive things for the government.
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Can CIA agents drink alcohol?

Yes, and depending on assignment even when on assignment, they are specially trained and can drink most other people under the table. Of course this is true only for certain f ( Full Answer )
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Can a kid be an CIA agent?

no they cannot which i think is really unfair because we are smarter, faster, and also nobody would suspect a kid of being an agent and better actors No they cannot which I ( Full Answer )
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What is the pay of CIA undercover agents?

Inspector General - Special Agent/Investigator's get \n$74,872 - $155,500. Core Collector gents like James Bond get $52,976 – $81,204.
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What do you have to do to be a CIA agent?

YOU have to keep the country safe and help the president keep the laws straight and sound so they don't have to hurt you
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What do an CIA agent do?

it depends on which section of the CIA you are in because they are not all spys there is the annalist the spy (clandestine service) the engineer and many others that make the ( Full Answer )
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Are CIA agents armed?

For the most part; no, they are not armed. Unlike in the movies,the CIA is not a law enforcement agency like, say, the FBI. The CIAis primarily dedicated to collecting foreign ( Full Answer )
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What do you do as a cia agent?

A cia officer or agent's center of motivation(motive) is to collect foreign intelligence and information to provide the United States policy makers(politicians/congress) infor ( Full Answer )
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How much do a secret agent get paid?

They getpaid about 700-1200 per day it matters on how many missions they've completed........ Good Luck u all !!!
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What is the location of a CIA agent?

A CIA agent, is like any other employee of the department for which they work. They have assigned offices and go to work in the morning, like everyone else. Mostly, CIA agents ( Full Answer )
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How much does a DEA agent get paid a year?

The starting salary for the lowest rank of agent is typicallyaround $50,000 a year, however, as with any profession, you canrise through the ranks to earn more. The top level ( Full Answer )
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How much does an Special Agent get paid?

Special agents are paid as federal law enforcement officers, and subject to locality and LEAP (Law Enforcement Availability Pay) - LEAP is essentially required overtime in the ( Full Answer )
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How much to CTU agents get paid?

A C.T.U agent will make about 300,000 if you are put out on the investigation usally about,200,000 dollors us. I had about 8 years experience
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Who is CIA Agent Perry?

CIA Agent Perry is a platypus, a pet of Phineas, Ferb, and Candance. He is also an undercover secret angent, using a hat to switch to and from his two identities. With the bro ( Full Answer )
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What are the job qualifications for a CIA agent?

There are many varied job qualifications and positions within the CIA. I recommend looking at the CIA Career page (link below)..
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How much are model agents paid?

If you're in a good modeling market, you can stand to make a good income. The average income of a modeling agency is $58,000/year.
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How much money does a CIA operative get paid a week?

That depends on a lot of variables. Some of those are: 1. What GS level he/she is. 2. What extra money is given them by the CIA for a special op. 3. If they are to self-fund, ( Full Answer )
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How much does a condo leasing agent get paid?

It depends on which market you work in and how commissions are paid. The two main factors are: how much the condo owner pays in commission, and what cut your brokerage keeps. ( Full Answer )

What a CIA agent do?

it depends on the type of cia agent. Lots of paper work but they basicly find out about any threats that pose on the United States. They work off U.S soil while the F.B.I work ( Full Answer )

What do CIA agents wear?

Whatever a normal person would in the same situation. Having a uniform would defeat the purpose of working in secret.

What skills do you need for a CIA agent?

You have to... 1) Be fluent in many languages (preferred languages Russian, English, Arabic, Mandarin, languages of countries with top military) 2) Have a clean background (as ( Full Answer )
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Do CIA agents carry badges?

First off there needs to be some serious clarification here, CIAOfficers are Americans who work out of U.S. Embassies overseas, andtheir job is to recruit foreign assets who g ( Full Answer )

Can a CIA agent become a millionaire?

Yes,some are given much latitude in setting up "companies" to conceal their covers.Some are phoney others actually have been known to make particular agents very wealthy and i ( Full Answer )

How can one become a CIA agent?

To become a CIA agent, a person must first obtain a bachelor's degree in homeland security, computer forensics, or another criminal justice program. A person must also have a ( Full Answer )