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What is the BBC?

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the world's largest broadcaster. . Unlike other broadcasters, it is a public service based quasi-autonomous statutory corporat ( Full Answer )
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How much money does a mutual fund manager make?

$1,000,000 a year\n$80,000 a month\n$20,000 a week\n$2,000 a day\n$124 a hour\n$2 a minute\n$0.43 a second. $1,000,000 a year\n$80,000 a month\n$20,000 a week\n$2,000 a day\n ( Full Answer )
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How much funding does medical animal testing receive momentarily?

well, I know every year American people pay like, 12 billion bucks to the government for it, and with all the money colleges and universities put out there, Im thinking around ( Full Answer )
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How much should you give to a memorial fund?

The amount you give all depends on several variables. . How much good you believe the fund will do for its beneficiaries . How much extra money you have to donate . How m ( Full Answer )

How much does the US fund NASA?

The original answer was 50 billion dollars a year. This could not be more wrong. NASA keeps their budget up-to-date on their website. This means, you can view their current bu ( Full Answer )
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How is ITV and BBC funded?

ITV is funded by advertising and sponsorship, BBC by the government from the collection of licence fees.
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How much does the governemnt fund the military?

That all depends on what government you're asking about. (all figures are annually as of 2008) US: $711 billion all of Europe: $289 billion China: $122 billion Rus ( Full Answer )
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Where is the bbc?

The BBC has several stake holders, the British Public, the British Government, the people who listen to the international broadcasts, the program makers, the actors and the BB ( Full Answer )
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How is the BBC funded?

ITV is funded by advertising and sponsorship, BBC by the government from the collection of licence fees.. Read more: ( Full Answer )
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How much profit does BBC make?

Officially the BBC is a not for profit organisation. It is paid for by compulsory subscriptions by the population of the UK. Further income is generated by selling or leasin ( Full Answer )
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How much money should be set aside in an emergency fund?

Three to six months of expenses is considered good. David Ramsey has lots of good info and suggestions. He recommends starting with $1000 in an emergency fund and then paying ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on BBC?

You type in in your browser and it will take you to the home page
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How much to give to memorial fund?

We typically make a contribution equal to about the amount we would have spent for a nice floral arrangement. That can be anywhere from $25 up to $100. from there let your hea ( Full Answer )
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How much does the BBC pay the prs per song?

The BBC does not pay the PRS on a per song basis. For radio stations the BBC pay a per minute rate, rather than for individual songs, which is then distributed to the creators ( Full Answer )
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How much funding do athletes in the paralympics get?

playing for the paralympic standing hockey team of Canada we have to pay our own way to world championship events up to $3500 depending where the championship is held so we ju ( Full Answer )
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How much money does it take to invest in a mutual fund?

It depends on the type of mutual fund you want to invest and also the fund house in which you want to invest your money. In majority of the cases the minimum amounts are as fo ( Full Answer )
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How much funding does the IPCC receive from the federal government?

According to Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO), the US currently funds the IPCC to the tune of $12.5 million a year (increasing to $13 million in 2012), although this figure is d ( Full Answer )
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Do you really need so much funds before you can get a visa?

Any country before granting Students visa will like to ensure that student has got enough funds for payment of tuition fees & living expenses. Therefore they want you to decla ( Full Answer )
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How is BBC radio stations funded?

My honest guess would be that some of the money that the BBC receives through their tv channels goes towards the radio stations.
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How much was sixpence in us funds in 1914?

Sixpence GBP in 1914 had the purchasing power of about £1.60 GBP today. Sixpence GBP in 1914 had the purchasing power of about $2.59 USD today. NOTE - This historical con ( Full Answer )
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How much provident fund deduct form 10000 salary?

If your Basic Salary is Rs. 10,000/- 12% of your Basic Salary works out to Rs. 1,200/- 3.67% of your Basic Salary works out to Rs. 367/- 8.33% of your Basic Salary comes to R ( Full Answer )
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How much money has Obama taken out of the Social Security Fund?

First, this is a misleading assertion, based on a Republican talking point from Mitt Romney during the 2012 election: he accused President Obama of having "raided" the social ( Full Answer )
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How much does BBC Sport Football coverage cost?

The sports football coverage on the BBC over summer generally runs at the cost of a hundred and thirty four pounds, on average. This cost is all inclusive, however.
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How much does it cost to download the BBC iPlayer?

The BBC iPlayer is a free download that can be used over wireless or 3G networks, but aware the network operators may charge additional fees for the data transfer.
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How much did it cost to fund the hundred years war?

During a part of that period, England could fund the cost of war byits raids on French territories, where everything of value thatthey encountered was carried off to England. ( Full Answer )