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Do all body fluids contain blood borne pathogens?

no not all, blood-borne pathogens are typically found in the blood stream and any bodily fluid that can contain blood can contain a blood borne pathogen. these include urine, feces, saliva, sperm, vaginal secretions, and even tears.

How do you discard blood borne pathogens?

The discarding of blood-borne pathogens must be in accordance with applicable state regulations. The state environment agencies and/or state departments of health usually publish these rules. This site should be extremely helpful. (Go to Regulated Medical Waste Locator ).

What does Occupational Exposure to blood borne pathogen?

Occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens means work-related accidents like needlesticks or splashes to mucous membranes of someone else's blood or bodily fluid that might contain pathogens like HIV or hepatatis virus. Occupational exposures are possible job hazards for health care… Full Answer