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How adopt animal?

You can adopt an animal at a number of locations including Pet Smart stores, animal shelter and the Humane Society shelters. Go to the local humane shelter and adopt one there :)

How do you get a pet in Sims 3?

Ermm.. very easily. If you have the sims 3 pets EP for the computer, just find your newspaper and click 'adopt pet from shelter' or go to the computer and click 'adopt a pet from shelter'. not sure about xbox… Full Answer

How much do FooPets cost?

If you're adopting a premium pet from the shelter, a foopet will cost 300 fd. There is a 50 foodollar shelter but most pets are fixed. If you adopt a pet from another member, prices vary according to whatever the… Full Answer

What is pet over population?

Pet overpopulation is a big problem. It is when there are more pets born than there are people to adopt them and these pets have to be taken to a shelter to be euthanized (killed). This is why people spay… Full Answer

Where to buy pitbulls?

First of all do NOT buy a pitbull (s) from anyone or any place that has pitbulls. Just simply adopt one.I adopted mine at Abandoned Pet Rescue (No kill shelter) but you can ADOPT one anywhere, Please adopt a pitbull… Full Answer