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What is harmolodics?

Basically, music of the jazz avant-garde* movement. Avant-garde is defined of being part of an innovative group, in this case, musicians.

What is avant-garde music?

In English avant-garde means in the "vanguard". It is used to refer to people or works that are innovative and "modern", particularly with respect to art and politics.

What does Avant garde mean?

In French it means the soldiers that go before the others. "Avant" means "before" in French. The idea is that the avant garde are scouts intended to explore terrain before the main army gets there. The expression is used a… Full Answer

What is avant-gardiste in English?

Avant-garde is the English term for the French phrase 'avant-gardiste.' Something that is avant-garde pushes the envelope in terms of acceptable behavior, or form. It usually pushes forward new, cutting-edge, and experimental ideas. It's normally associated in some way with… Full Answer

How is avant garde in delhi?

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