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How does piezoelectricity works?

Piezoelectricity is simply energy realeased when certain minerals, such as quartz are compressed or put under some kind of stress. The quartz will release voltage, usally along its lattices, or its edges. A example of this power is a digital… Full Answer

Who maintains public roads in Kolkata?

Roads in Kolkata are maintained by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation,Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority and Public Works Department. Roads are divided among these public organizations.

What is piezoeletricity?

when crystals such as quartz and Rochelle salts are squeezed or pressed ,they release electrons.This effect is known as piezoelectricity.

What does patchwork mean?

Normally, the patch work is used in HIGH WAY ROADS and other roads. In the Main road, the holes and other related works are done by the Highway dept. People who make the road fully/completely paste with the help of… Full Answer

What are public works bills?

Public works include utility services, road services, and other such services that people depend on for creating a safe, healthy, and productive community. Public works bills deal with issues such as roads, bridges, water supply, electrical costs, and more.