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What is hearthammering?

I assume heart hammering was meant? In which case, it is when the heart is pounding in the chest after strenuous exercise, or after a great fright, or when being pursued in a threatening manner.

Does oxygen increase when you exercise?

Oxygen intake increases as you exercise, since your heart is beating faster you will need more oxygen to resupply your body. More strenuous exercise/higher heart rate = more oxygen needed. That is why you naturally pant and breathe rapidly after… Full Answer

What is aerobic and anaerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise means activities such as walking, bicycling or swimming that temporarily increase your heart rate and respiration. Aerobic exercise (also known as cardiovascular exercise) builds your endurance. Anaerobic exercise typically means activities such as weightlifting and push-ups and sit-ups… Full Answer

How does heart beat works?

Rustar Manzano answer : When you exercise you breathe, and your heart beats faster so that it can pump more blood around you body to keep you moving. When you work out, you are moving/using all the muscles of your… Full Answer