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What is a third party payor?

An organization other than the patient, first party or health care provider, second party, involved in the financing of personal health services (insurance company).

What is the definition of a 'payor'?

A payment is the transfer of wealth from one party (such as a person or company) to another. A payer is the party making a payment. The payee is the party receiving the payment.

Is payor an American spelling?

Definitions of Payor on the Web: The maker of a payment One who makes payments. The party that issues the transfer. It is an English word, I don't know if it spelled differently in England than in… Full Answer

What does the term '3rd party' refer to?

A "third party" is one that doesn't have a direct involvement with a particular event or transaction. For instance, a third party seller on eBay sells their items independently of eBay and only uses its selling platform.

What is meant by the term TPV?

The term TPV is an abbreviation which means a variety of things. Some of the most common things include "third party vendor", "third part verification" and "total payment volume".

Who are adversaries in civil cases?

The party who initiates the case is usually called the Plaintiff (although in some jurisdictions, the term is Petitioner). The person who is sued is the Defendant (who may be called the Respondent in those jurisdictions that use the term… Full Answer

What is tertiary insurance?

Tertiary insurance is the 3rd insurance policy responsible for payment. Example... Medicare, primary payor Blue Cross Blue Shield, secondary payor Aetna, tertiary payor