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What is 11B30G MOS?

11B is for Infantry. 30 is for skill level of Staff Sergeant (E-6). G is an Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) meaning Ranger qualified. You probably would not want to mess with a soldier with MOS 11B30G.

What is 11-B in US Army?

11B is a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code, which identifies that individual's occupation in the military. 11 is the Career Management Field (CMF) for Infantry, and the "B" indicates the service member is an enlisted soldier serving as an infantryman… Full Answer

What is army mos 11b2t?

11B is the actual MOS. 11 is the Career Management Field - 11 Series is Infantry Branch, and the "B" indicates that the person is enlisted, and may be serving as Light Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Motorized Infantry, or as a… Full Answer

What is 11B1P2C mos in us army?

I'll break it down for you 11B - infantryman, enlisted. This part is the actual MOS. 1 - lower enlisted, ranks Private through Specialist. This is the skill level identifier. P - Airbourne qualification. This is an additional skill identifier… Full Answer