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Who made up the color red?

Colours have always existed due to the variation within the visable light spectrum. Who actually named the colour we now call red is anyone's guess. I don't believe there is written record of who named the colours. Full Answer

How were colors given their names?

The names are arbitrary. Interestingly in all languages colours are named in order. First the difference between black and white is noticed. After that red is named, followed closely by green. Blue and yellow are distinguished next followed by purple… Full Answer

What is the hues of nature in a diamond?

If 'hues of nature' is a descriptive phrase indicating natural colours, then you can report reflections and refractions from light bouncing off a cut diamond -- being all the colours of the rainbow -- as 'hues of nature'. As well… Full Answer

Why black and white are not primary color?

primary colours are the colours of the rainbow( VIBGYOR).Now White is made by mixing all the colours of the rainbow and black is also made by by mixing some colours present in the the colours present in the rainbow… Full Answer

What does secondary colours mean?

these are the colours that are made by mixing two primary colours together for example yellow and blue which are primary colours and when mixed together they make green a secondary colour.the secondary colours are orange,purple and green Full Answer