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What is an assertive behavior?

It is where you are nice about something!! I.e: "Please could you make me a cup of tea/coffee" "Yes, of course I will" This is one example of assertive behaviour!!

What has the author Dan Olweus written?

Dan Olweus has written: 'Olweus bullying prevention program' -- subject(s): Bullying, Aggressiveness in children, Prevention, Bullying in schools 'Prediction of aggression' -- subject(s): Testing, Projective techniques, Aggressiveness 'Aggression in the schools' -- subject(s): Interaction analysis in education, Child development, Sociometry… Full Answer

What is Assertive language?

Assertive language is the way person with assertive attitude/personality speaks/behaves. Different schools define 'assertive' in different ways. The way I use says 'assertive language' is wherein there is strict adherence to laws, discipline, rules and regulations.

What has the author Lee Canter written?

Lee Canter has written: 'Assertive discipline' -- subject(s): Classroom management 'Teacher's Plan Book Plus #6' 'Assertive Discipline Seasonal Motivators (MCP Beginning to Read Books)' 'Lee Canter's Assertive Discipline Administrator Guide' 'Awards for Reinforcing Positive Behavior, Intermediate Grades 4-6' 'How to… Full Answer

What has the author Anthony R Mawson written?

Anthony R. Mawson has written: 'Transient criminality' -- subject(s): Aggressiveness, Criminal psychology, Occasional criminals, Stress (Psychology) 'Mass Panic and Social Attachment' -- subject(s): Attachment behavior, Collective behavior, Disasters, Panic, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Disasters

What words contain double s twice?

airlessness aimlessness aggressiveness assassin assertiveness assess bossiness blissfulness brassiness ceaselessness crossness crassness carelessness childlessness classlessness expressiveness faultlessness fearlessness helplessness glassiness glossiness grossness guilelessness gutlessness joylessness massiveness mindlessness messiness painlessness pointlessness passiveness possess progressiveness repressiveness remorselessness sassiness selflessness senselessness shamelessness sleeplessness… Full Answer