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What do Idaho people look like?

Idaho people have pea-green skin, antennae coming out of their heads, one eye in the middle of their foreheads, they're about three feet high and they all carry ray guns. At least, that's what people from the East Coast think… Full Answer

Why does Idaho have two time zones?

It is not two states at all. The state of Idaho, when it was formed, was controversial as the people in the north of the state wanted to be a part of Montana or Washington state. This didn't happen however… Full Answer

Is Idaho a strict place?

Oh yes. Very, very strict.Idaho is so strict that everyone is required to go to school.Can't vote until they are 18. Can't get a drivers license until they are 15 unless they have graduated from an approved drivers education program… Full Answer

What are the nine characteristics of the market system?

From Characteristics of the Market SystemA. Private individuals and firms own most of the private property (land and capital).1. Private property, coupled with the freedom to negotiate binding legal contracts, enables individuals and businesses to obtain, control, use, and… Full Answer

What is an 8 letter word that starts with the letter I?

Here are some possible words: iambuses iberians icebergs iceboats icebound iceboxes icefalls icehouse ichorous ichthyic iconical idahoans idealism idealist ideality idealize idealogy ideation identify identity ideogram ideology idiocies idiogram idleness idlesses idolater idolatry idolised idoliser idolises idolisms idolized idolizer idolizes… Full Answer