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Can a girl get pregnant if sex had taken place a day after her last period day and the condom came off when the penis was removed and ejaculation took place outside of the vagina?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nOF COURSE IT DOESNT MATTER YOU STILL HAD SEX\n. \n Answer \n. \nThat wasn't very helpful.\n. \nIt is unlikely that you would get pregnant ( Full Answer )
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So am i pregnant all pregnancy symptoms took 6 hpts all were negative got my period 9 days late but it was regular Still having symptoms my next period was on time but very heavy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI suggest you see a doctor immeditally\nyou could have had a late period because of stress and the next period could have been heavier just bec ( Full Answer )
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What are the chances of you being pregnant and still got your 2 months in a row period after conception Its not spottings its heavy crampy really redlasted long and NO symptoms?

The chances of being pregnant and still having your period two moths after conception and having no symptoms is slim but not unlikely I just found out that I am a month pregna ( Full Answer )
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You took your pill for 2 days and stopped and then tok it again a few days later you were having unproctective sex but you got a period could you still of got pregnant because you got your period does?

Answer . \nYou can still be pregnant and have a period however its usually only common when you get pregnant close to your next expected period. Your birth control is not ( Full Answer )
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Your boyfriend was rubbing his penis on your vagina he didn't ejaculate though would that make you pregnant but then you got your period 2 days later would you still be pregnant?

No, if you get your period you are not pregnant. Prenancy possible with no penetration? Semen (sperm) is released in small amounts prior to ejaculation.They can swim and so ( Full Answer )
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What are the changes of getting pregnant if no pre-ejaculate condom broke but his penis didnt go through the condom and he took it out the second it broke and i ovulated a couple days before?

Answer . It sounds like your chances of being pregnant are slim to none. Number one you said there was no precum and number 2 you said he pulled out right after it happene ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pregnant if he pulls his penis out after he ejaculates with a condom on and puts another one on?

Answer . \nIn my opinion; there is no foolproof method a avoiding pregnancy in a woman that has not been medically changed and is capable of getting pregnant. Even birth co ( Full Answer )
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What are your chances of pregnant Is it possible to get pregnant if the condom slipped up the penis but did not come all the way off I also took the morning after pill but still no period?

yes it is possible to get pregnant have you looked at the morning after pill on the internet to see any symptoms it might have on you? because it can cause temporary abno ( Full Answer )
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I had unprotected sex on Jan 2 and My bf pulled out but I still took the morning after pill plan b a hour later I got my period a few days early on the 7th can i be pregnant?

Well, if you got it a few days EARLY, that shouldn't be a problem as far as pregnancy goes. If you are seriously worried though buy a pregnancy test. And I HIGHLY advise you h ( Full Answer )
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What are the chances of getting pregnant 5 days before your period if you didnt use a condom and got some pre-ejaculation in the vagina?

If this was a normal cycle in which ovulation occurred normally, the chances should be low. However, the only way to determine fertility is to check your temperature and vagin ( Full Answer )
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Has anyone gotten pregnant even after using plan b If so did you get your period I took plan b 32 hours after unprotected sex on my most fertile day of my cycle. I got my period as scheduled two weeks?

I took plan b one hour after sex and I ended up pregnant. But if you have your period, you're probably ok. Mine wasn't even late yet and I went to the doctors because I felt s ( Full Answer )
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Could you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms of being pregnant but had your period on time but it was short and heavy but this has be going on since may 2nd could you be preg?

It is rare but possible, my wife missed a period and called to the doctors, the doctor told her she was 4 month pregnant or having twins, he sent her for a scan and it turned ( Full Answer )
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My bf ejaculated inside me 2 days before my period came days later it came but was heavy and short now i have dark brown discharge can i be pregnant?

Every one of us is different. So, the simple solution would be to visit a chemist/pharmacie and buy a pregnancy test kit. It costs little but has a huge value in resolving the ( Full Answer )
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Can my ex be pregnant i had a condom on and as soon as i penetrated it split i removed my penis and used a new condom she is a week late on her period and says its mine due to pre-ejaculate fluid?

Yes, it is highly likely that the baby could be yours. Pre-cum actually has the highest concentration of sperm.. However, I would still insist on a DNA test to prove paternit ( Full Answer )
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If I had unprotected sex and took the plan b pill 2 days later and had a normal period a week after taking the pill but suffering pregnancy symptoms 2 weeks after my period can i be pregnant?

you could be pregnant but it is rather unlikely. The Plan B Pill will have a chance of 70-80 percent to work when taken on the second day. so should you have been pregnant i ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pregnant after he ejaculates in the condom then takes it off and puts his penis in again without a condom?

Yes, that is possible since there may still be sperm on his penis that could get introduced to your vagina. If you think that may have happened recently, you might consider Pl ( Full Answer )