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Hierarchy of Buddhism?

The founder of the religion Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama. The levels of Buddhist religious hierarchy are: Buddhist Monasteries, Buddhist Monks, Buddhist Nuns, Buddhist Lay People, Buddhist Pilgrims.

What has the author Chongjian Ji written?

Chongjian Ji has written: 'Qian nian fo diao shi' -- subject(s): Buddhist Sculpture, Chinese Sculpture, Sculpture, Buddhist, Sculpture, Chinese 'Jin tong fo xiang' -- subject(s): Art, Buddhist, Bronzes, Buddhist, Buddhist Art, Buddhist Bronzes, Buddhist Sculpture, Sculpture, Buddhist

How does someone become a Buddhist?

You can become a Buddhist by joining a Buddhist temple or group,and studying Buddhism. That way you will learn about Buddhist teachings. These can be applied to your life. When you are ready you can become a Buddhist by partaking… Full Answer

Who is the Buddhist supreme being?

Buddhist do not have a supreme being as a supreme being is not really part of a Buddhist philosophy. Some Buddhist believe in god, some believe in many gods, many however are atheist or agnostic. So the Buddhist religion really… Full Answer

What is thankyou in Buddhist language?

There is no Buddhist language. Buddhist speak whatever their native language is. The language that early Buddhist texts were written in was Sanskrit and Pali. These are ancient Indian languages. So Thank you is sufficient.