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If you purchase a new vehicle and then no longer want the vehicle can you return it to the dealership and rescind the contract?

The immediate answer to the question is, NO. I am not aware of anyState that has laws that allow this. Some States have Lemon Lawsfor used cars, but I'm not familiar with anyt ( Full Answer )
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What can be done if a dealership went bankrupt several months after purchasing two vehicles now they are upside down and no one will take the cars for trade in?

Sorry but the loans were upside down the minute you signed theloan papers. Pay off the loans. Answer . The dealership should have nothing to do with the trade-in valueof the ( Full Answer )
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You do not have code for 95 Honda Accord EX since vehicle was purchased used so I do not know dealership vehicle was originally from. Is there a default code?

Answer . \nIf you are talking about the radio code, no, there is no default code. Any dealer can supply you with the code, if you supply them with the radio serial #. You ( Full Answer )
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What if the primary borrower files bankruptcy is the cosigner still responsible for making payments on the vehicle Can the co-signer take their name off the vehicle?

Answer . A Co-signer is always responsible for the item unless the primary borrower refinances and removes the co-signer. Unfortunately if the primary borrower filed ban ( Full Answer )
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Dealership did not disclose problems with the vehicle. What can we do?

Check the 'lemon' laws for your state. In most places, the dealer is required to put a 'good faith' effort into fixing all problems with your vehicle or replacing it with a 'l ( Full Answer )
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Do canadians have to pay California vehicle sales tax when purchasing a used vehicle from a dealership?

I had a dealer tell me they have to charge the tax, but I looked here: Purchases for Use Outside California . A purchaser is not r ( Full Answer )
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What is the insurance co by vehicle tag number?

the VIN vehicle identification number is the individual number of each car, like a social security number. each number or letter means something. the 1st character is the coun ( Full Answer )
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If you are a co signer of a vehicle loan can you take the vehicle back if the loan is not being paid?

Probably not. You are on the loan, you do not own the car. Unless you are on the registration, you probably have no right to possession of the vehicle at all.. Talk to the ( Full Answer )
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How soon after purchase of a vehicle must it be insured?

if it is a car that is not paid in full the dealership will require you have full coverage insurance before they allow you to leave the lot. If the car is paid off then you pr ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if the dealership where you purchased your vehicle does not honor the warranty?

\nIf the dealership does not honor the warranty, there is usually a reason. Did the dealership give you a reason? If it was a new car such as one from General Motors or Chrysl ( Full Answer )
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If your the co signer and you drive the vehicle does the person whos name who is actually on the title have to have car insurance on that same vechicle or can the co signer just have it. In Indiana?

Generally, the person whose name is 'actually on the title' must be the same person who insures the car. You must disclose to the insurance company if you are not the owner of ( Full Answer )
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Do Car dealerships buy vehicles?

That depends. A dealership will only buy a car that they can make money off of. I suggest taking the car to the delaership that it was made from. If you have a Chevrolet, like ( Full Answer )
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Can you sue your vehicle insurance co for fraud?

If you feel that they have been guilty of fraudulent activities, then you can. Your best course of action would be to file a complaint with your states insurance department.
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How do you take a vehicle out of your name?

You transfer the title to new owner. However, if there is a lien on the vehicle it must be paid off first. Check your state DMV.
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Co signed loan my name is on registration can i take the vehicle?

You should seek legal advice from an attorney in your jurisdiction who can review your situation, examine the related documents and explain your rights and options. You may ne ( Full Answer )
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Can you purchase a vehicle without car insurance?

Yes, In the United States you can purchase a Vehicle without having insurance on it beforehand. You just can't drive it off the lot or anywhere else.
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Can a dealership sell a vehicle with no brakes?

Dealerships will have the right to sell any conditioned car but has to inform the customer that it has no brakes and etc. If the dealership fails to inform you and doesnt give ( Full Answer )
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Which vehicles are sold at Dodge dealerships?

It depends on the specific dealership that one goes to as they will most likely have a variety of selections to chose from. However, there are 7 main cars that are advertised ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase insurance for a vehicle?

Insurance for a vehicle can be purchased from major providers like Progressive, Geico and State Farm by visiting their websites and submitting for a quote. There are also a n ( Full Answer )