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How is religion and faith related?

Religion and Faith both mean you have a strong relationship with what/who you believe in. Religion, I believe, is what you consider yourself to be (ex. Christian, Muslim, Presbyterian, Jewish, Catholic, etc.). Faith, I also believe, is THE worship and…

What is Justin Bieber's religion?

Many sources report that Justin Bieber is Christian. As to whether he is Catholic or Protestant, or any other Christian denomination (Lutheran, Evangelical, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc.), no one knows. And of course, no one can know if he's truly a…

What are some adjectives to describe religion?

To describe "religion" as an entity: institution, group of believers, body of beliefs, mainstream, fundamentalist, or any specific denomination (e.g. Catholic religion, Protestant religion, etc.) To describe people who believe in religion: religious, pious, believers, faithful,

What do religion mean?

Religion is a belief. If you believe in God,Buddhist,Devil etc. People have a freedom of speech to either say in this situation who they believe in who had put them on this Earth and is GOD.

What religion is Brad Pitt?

He doesn't have one. He's apparently "80% agnostic and 20% atheist" (no religion, doesn't believe in God or unsure). However, he was raised by strict Lutheran Christian parents

Is Darren Criss a Christian?

He was raised Catholic, but I don't think he really has a specific religion. When asked if he believed in God, his response was: "I believe in things greater than us and I believe in love and human beings and…