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What is private placement in an adoption process?

This means that the parents who put the child up for adoption don't know where the child has gone. This can be done because either the biological parents don't want to know, or because the adoptive parents want complete privacy.

What is semi-closed adoption?

A semi closed adoption is when the parents giving up the baby get to chose the adoptive parents that are eligible to adopt but there is no contact and no exchange of identifying info between the two parents

If you and your girlfriend are both 15 and she's pregnant and you both have jobs but her mother and father want the baby because they can't have another one can your girlfriend keep the baby?

If Your Girlfriend And You Are Both 15. But Have Jobs And She's Pregnant. But Her Mother And Father Want The Baby Because They Can't Have Another Of Their Own Can Your Girlfriend Keep The Baby? Perhaps you are misunderstanding… Full Answer

Why do people put their kids up for adoption?

There may be many different reasons that parents upt their children up for adoption. These reasons will, of course, vary from one family or individual to the next. Still, there are some relatively common situations that will lead parents to… Full Answer