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What must occur for a sound wave to be produced?

Answer . Sound needs a media to propagate. Sound can not propagate in a vacuum. Sound waves, unlike light, are essentially compression waves and the sound in order to move ( Full Answer )
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How is Sound produced in a audio devices?

Physical vibrations of speaker cones or metal plates byelectromagnetic coils connected to the audio output AC signals fromthe audio amplifiers.
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Does a low sound produce more sound waves?

no but the reason they can be heard so far away is because the sound waves travel much farther than higher pitch sound waves. google image sound waves. since lower ones are fl ( Full Answer )
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Why is it that the more water in a glass the lower the sound?

The sound produced by a glass is dependent on how quickly the glass is able to vibrate. The speed of its vibrations is dependent on the mass involved. It takes more energy to ( Full Answer )
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What document must be on board and available for inspection by enforcement officers whenever a vessel is operated?

Depending on your state or who's jurisdiction you are in willdictate what you need. In the US, most everywhere you go maritimeLaw Enforcement Officer's (LEO's) are going to wa ( Full Answer )
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How does the length of a pipe effect the frequency of the sound produced?

The sound produced by a pipe is due to standing waves that are formed in the body of the pipe. The fundamental frequency,f1, produced, is given by the formula : f1=v/2L , wher ( Full Answer )
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What is the maximum legal speed you may operate a PWC when within 50 feet of any other vessel PWC or person in the water?

Question: . What is the maximum legal speed you may operate a PWC when within 50 feet of any other vessel, PWC, or person in the water? . a: . 10 mph. b: . 15 mph. c: . ( Full Answer )
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In addition to an all-round white light what lights must power-driven vessels less than 65.6 feet long exhibit when underway between sunset and sunrise?

Rules of the Road International/Inland Lights & shapes Rule 23-Power-driven vessels underway (a) A power-driven vessel underway shall exhibit: (i) a Masthead light ( Full Answer )
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When to vessels are operating near each other which must maintain its course and spped unless it cimes apparent that the other vessel is not taking appropiate action is it the smaller vessel the large?

When two motor vessels are on a collision course, the vessel that has the other on its starboard side must give way. Motor driven vessels must also give way to vessels under s ( Full Answer )
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What type of flotation device must be carried on a vessel 16 foot or longer?

In the United States, boats that are 16 feet long or over must be equipped with one Type IV PFD (as classified by the United States Coast Guard) per boat. A Type IV PFD is a t ( Full Answer )
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Why does water poured from more distance produces greater sound?

It is traveling faster when it hits the object as it is going through a greater distance as it accelerates at the acceleration of gravity. More speed means greater energy and ( Full Answer )
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What devices use water to operate?

HydroElectric generators (think of Hoover Dam) , water wheel , steam engines by heating the water ,
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Which plant vessels carry water to the leaves?

I think it's the Xylem. They absorb water from the roots, and run through the stem. Then, they carry the water in the vessels to the whole plants, and out through the plants t ( Full Answer )