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What are igbos known for?

The Igbos of Eastern Nigeria are known for their industry. entrepreneurship. and intelligence. Their philosophy of Igba-nbor makes every Igbo male strive for excellence in all aspects of life to which they are forced to seek for a living in… Full Answer

Where do the igbos live?

in igloos. the country is igleemia. everything in the land starts with "ig". come visit. the average temp. is about -15456684846845654565484684894849degrees farenhightgs. the are all dislexic, sexist, rapist, and it is the land where Michael Jackson was born and where… Full Answer

Is the Ugoji family royal?

the name must mean eagle priest or eagle yam eagle having the meaning of grandeur, however the royals would only be your grandfather of your clan in Igbo culture. As your family gets very large and deeply into the english… Full Answer

How was the nation Biafra created?

Nigeria is a country made up of several different cultures and languages, and that is due to the colonists who decided to just clump a whole group of different people into one group. So there was social differences, and big… Full Answer

What do igbo people eat?

Igbo people are canables. Canables eat other humans. This religious tribe has been baned because they practice canableizem. -- That is completely incorrect. The Igbo people are not a "religious tribe," they are simply an ethnicity, and they have not… Full Answer

What are the origins of the Puerto Ricans?

Puerto Rico is melting pot of many nationalities. Most Puerto Ricans are European descendants or/and African descendant or/and Native American. A recent study conducted by the University of Puerto Rico of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from 800 individuals found 61.1% as… Full Answer