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What is the last episode or Naruto series?

\n. \ni think its 222 and then shippuuden starts ........not sure:(\n. \ni just got confirmation that its 220
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What happens in the last episode of god save your king?

Currently god save our king is on season 3, but the ending of season 2 is Yuuri had defeated Shosou. The original king Shinou is free but loses his power and made the LAST por ( Full Answer )
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What happened in the last episode of the TV Series 'Bonanza'?

The final episode was entitled "The Hunter." Joe is pursued by aninsane guy who is determined to kill him. I later read that whenthis final epidode was filmed, the cast and cr ( Full Answer )
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What happened in the last episode of 'Will and Grace'?

Skip forward about 18 years. Jack is supporting Karen and they both look the same. Grace's child meets Will's adopted child at beginning of college and they skip out on the th ( Full Answer )
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Who spoke the last word on Friends series finale?

it was Rachel who spoke the final word in friends, as Ross had just realised he loved her and didnt want her to leave, so he and phoebe chased after her in the taxi, and thoug ( Full Answer )
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Was Boston legal last show a series finale?

Yes.. Yes the series ended with Denny marring Allen. It was really funny. Denny wanted Allen to take care of him when his "Mad Cow" finally got the best of him. The Chinese ( Full Answer )
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What episodes are the opening scenes in Avatar the last airbender from?

If you mean the part where Katara is explaining what happend in the war and what Aang is trying to do as the avatar the answer is that it isn't from any episode, but if you me ( Full Answer )
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Last episode of saved by the bell end?

Was when zack got pregnant by slayer. Um...I think you meant opposed to the heavy metal band slayer!!
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What Was the last episode of saved by the bell?

saved by the bell ended when they all graduated , then saved by the bell the college years ended when kelly and Zack got married in vagas
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How many tv series ended with an intentional final episode and what are those tv series?

The number is unknown but it's almost always a long-running series that is voluntarily ending. Examples are: "The Fugitive" (1963-1967) "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (1970-1977 ( Full Answer )
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What is the word phrase for the first and last episodes of a TV series?

Pilot or Premiere . &. Finale . Answer:. A pilot is a test episode. Most TV series in the USA start with a pilot which the network then tests with focus groups to see ( Full Answer )
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Why did the fabulous tv series saving grace end?

have no idea why it was canceled.. but I have just watched the complete series on netflix . And now I dream about grace.. what a powerful last show.. I hate that she died! I c ( Full Answer )
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When did the final episode of The Closer air on TNT?

The last episode of the Turner Network Television (TNT) drama The Closer was shown on August 13th, 2012. Starring Kyra Sedgwick, the show ran from 2005 for seven seasons.
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What is the music played on the last scene on the doctor who episode the snowmen?

The piece of soundtrack heard at the end of the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special 'The Snowmen' is a piece by ths series' official composer Murray Gold, called 'Whose Enigma', ( Full Answer )
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When was the final episode of the television series Garo?

Garo's final episode aired in Japan on March 31, 2006. This television series was a Japan-exclusive 'tokusatsu' show. 'Tokusatsu' shows are live-action shows with a heavy reli ( Full Answer )