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Where does lady Penelope live?

The fictional character resided, when not on the go, in London, England. it was not quite clear with the Windsor govt was still functioning in (Thunderbirds) time.
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What are the lyrics of Just Dance by Lady Gaga?

RedOne, Konvict GaGa, oh-oh, eh I've had a little bit too much, much All of the people start to rush, start to rush by How does he twist the dance? Can't find a drink ( Full Answer )
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Nice name for a Japanese lady?

There are many names such as- Saki, Sana, Ishi, Chizu, Aiko, Cho, Anzu, Ai, Etsu, Fujita, Ima, Iku, Kaede, Dai, Kyoko, Kei, Masa, Matsu, Michi, Kiyoko, Nanako, Nori, Nozomi,et ( Full Answer )
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What are the dance moves to beyonce's new song single ladies?

im almost posative that if you look up the single ladies video on youtube or google that it will show the whole routine and if you were looking to learn them they are much ewa ( Full Answer )
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What cigarettes did lady Penelope smoke?

This remains a mystery, I don"t think she smoked in the TV version of Thunderbirds, but she did light up in the comic strip. It would violate present-day laws to have a good-g ( Full Answer )
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Does Lady Gaga sing 'Just Dance'?

Yes Lady Gaga does sing Just dance. She also sings Poker Face. ________________________________________________________ She sings and writes all her songs. She wrote Jus ( Full Answer )
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When did Lady Gaga write Just Dance?

\nShe never released the exact date but she did say "ONE DAY COMEING BACK FROM A CLUB AND SEEING HER FRIENDS DRUNK GAVE ME THE INSPERATION TO WRITE JUST DANCE" she also releas ( Full Answer )
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Is there any samples in just dance by Lady Gaga?

Having not bought the CD (and being unable to find attribution on the web), I can't verify whether it is actually credited as a "sample", but the first line after the intro in ( Full Answer )
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What does the song Just Dance by Lady Gaga mean?

Just Dance is about being drunk at a club. As you can hear in the lyrics before the chorus "Whats going on on the floor, I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymo ( Full Answer )
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How long did it take Lady Gaga to write just dance?

10 minutes, while she was drunk. She also claims that she did not have her keys, phone and her shirt was turned inside-out. Ex: "Where are my keys? I lost my phone"
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What are the lyrics for just dance by Lady Gaga?

the lyrics to just dance is: just dance gonna be ok tatooroo just dance gonna be ok tatooroo just dance gonna be ok dance dance dance dance dance oh oh oh oh. i don't what to ( Full Answer )
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Who sings 'Just Dance' but other than Lady Gaga?

Emma Deigman does a cover. the original is by Madonna or Duffy? i don't know who, but its a different song (made like 10 years ago!) i lady gaga version, because now i cant ( Full Answer )
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Is there going to be a Lady Gaga song in the new just dance 2?

Sorry But There Wont Be A Song By Lady GaGa In Just Dance Too, Im Also Disappointed :( Below Is The List Of Songs! 1. Avril Lavigne - "Girlfriend" 2. Bangles - "Walk Li ( Full Answer )
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How many views did just dance by lady gaga have on youtube?

how am i suppose to know, i got on here to figure out my question , and you just hitting me with other ones.! I'm going to from now on.! :(
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Who was lady Penelope rich to William Shakespeare?

She was a woman at the court who was a famous beauty and who hadinspired people like Sir Philip Sidney to write poetry about her.It is unlikely that Shakespeare had any contac ( Full Answer )
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Can you Irish dance to just dance lady gaga?

I don't think it would be an appropriate dance to that music. But it is called Just Dance, so why not? Hope it helps, Gagastar169
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Which ladies are nice?

The nice ladies are the one's who carry themselves with class,dignity, and respect. They not only respect themselves, but alsoothers around them.