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How many months until a baby is born?

It depends on what animal or if it's a human. Human babies take 9 months (about 40 weeks) to develop, though it is also normal to be born within the 8th to 9th month of gestat ( Full Answer )
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Can postpartum depression show up months after the baby is born?

yes, absolutely. If you are feeling down, speak to your doctor, there is no need to feel like this when there are so many methods of treatment these days. Don't suffer alone t ( Full Answer )
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How many minimum month to breastfeed a new born baby?

The general recommendation from most health organizations is to exclusively nurse your baby for a minimum of six months. After that, other foods may be given to your child. Th ( Full Answer )
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How to go about conceiving a baby girl to be born in the month ofapril?

There are many things couple can do in order to choose the gender of their future baby. The diet is one important factor. It is in fact possible to facilitate the conception ( Full Answer )
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Can a baby be born at 8 months?

Yes. A baby can be born at any time. As to the chances of survival it would depend on how many weeks, and how well developed the baby's lungs and vital organs are. If you are ( Full Answer )
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What is the probability that in a group of six people at least two were born in the same month?

For ease of answering, we will work under the assumption that the probability of someone being born within any given month is equal to that of any other month. Allowing tha ( Full Answer )
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Why do people say it takes ten months for a baby to be born?

It can take anywhere between 9 to 10 months. 9 months is equal to 36 weeks and 10 months is 40 weeks. A full-term baby is born anywhere from 37-40 weeks. A baby born before th ( Full Answer )
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Why is a baby born before 9 months called a premature baby?

9 months is the 'standard' time that a woman is pregnant for and during this time, the baby is developing. If the baby is born before 36 weeks, the baby is said to be 'prematu ( Full Answer )
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A baby can usually survive if born in the seventh month Why does the baby need to continue developing for two more months?

At that point it's mostly lung development. The lungs have to mature to in order for the baby to breathe on it's own. Also, to gain a little more weight so he/she can start to ( Full Answer )
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What are health risks for a baby born in the seventh month?

The answer to this depends on the situation. There are certain medical conditions that make it necessary to deliver a baby early for the health of the mother. Usually this mea ( Full Answer )
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What will happen if the baby will born in eight months?

Most babies born during the eighth month do just fine. Some babies born four weeks early need a little help remembering to breathe, they may be under weight and have trouble r ( Full Answer )
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How many babies are born per month?

According to the CIA's estimate for 2016, the worldwide birth rateis 258 babies per minute which would be an approximate average(figuring a 366-day leap year) of 11,331,360 ba ( Full Answer )
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What months are baby squirrels born?

Eastern grey squirrels and fox squirrels have two litters a year. The first litter is born from February to March while the second is born from June to July
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Can a baby born in eleven months?

The ideal timeframe for a baby to be born centers around the 40-week mark that is determined by when the baby is conceived. Under normal circumstances, babies can usually be s ( Full Answer )