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Is the Atlantic International University accredited?

AIU is Accredited by The Accreditation Service for InternationalColleges. See The USA's Council for Higher EducationAccreditation's International website. They are listed as m ( Full Answer )
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International university in Vienna?

International University is in Vienna,Austria in Central Europe. It is one of the English medium university in Austria because Austria is a German speaking country but it is ( Full Answer )
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What is Alliant international university?

Alliant is a private, nonprofit university that has 5 campuses in California and 1 in Mexico City. It has around 5,000 students, mostly at the graduate level, and mostly conce ( Full Answer )
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Is the Washington International University accredited?

The university has not sought educational accreditation [7] and does not have a campus. As of March 2010, the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization states on its website that ( Full Answer )
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Is Atlantic international university accredited?

The distance learning programs offered through AtlanticInternational University are not accredited by the United StatesDepartment of Education. This can pose a huge problem on ( Full Answer )
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What universities accept International Baccalaureate?

practically all universities accept the IB diploma as an alternative to A-Levels. I went on a university trip recently, and the admissions tutor told us that he actually prefe ( Full Answer )
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What Bureau of International Information Programs?

Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley said Thursday that he and his team did not pull out of a proposed deal that would have sent guard O.J. Mayo to the Indiana Pacers i ( Full Answer )
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What is the position of United international University?

Actually there are no rankings of private universities in Bangladesh by any proper authorities or Government. But according to the following criteria the universities ranking ( Full Answer )
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What is the International Open University US?

International Open University US is an accredited Cmagroup of Hong Kong Institution. The Institution is registered in the State of Florida as a Private University, Inc. The C ( Full Answer )
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Is the University of Aberdeen International accredited?

Yes, each school in the University of Aberdeen, in Aberdeen, Scotland, is accredited by Professional Statutory Bodies relating to that school. For example: The Master of ( Full Answer )
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Is the Irish International University recognized?

No, it is a completely fake university. It does not exist in Ireland or anywhere else. It is basically a degree mill. Don't waste your time going near it.
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Impact of the International Baccalaureate at university?

While IB may not really help you to get accepted into a University, the real value comes when you are able to get college credits for the classes and exams you took. Univers ( Full Answer )
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Which international university is good for Msc IT?

I have heard that Indus ,Ahmedabad is good for M.Sc IT. Facultiesand lab facilities and teaching are good. Syllabus is according toIndustry. Placements at Indus are quite good ( Full Answer )
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Is Atlantic international university a scam?

It is a Scam.......the admissions advisor sent me an email saying that i should only pay to western union and the form also had some crap about me giving them my credit card i ( Full Answer )
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What do you understand by internal information?

Internal information means the inside working of any person/company/organization/business. Usually such information is confidential and not for public. Most companies have pol ( Full Answer )
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Is ABET International University accredited?

what is the origin of the Abet International University Can we use this degree in USA/UK or Canada Can I go for EMBA and Int'l Trade togather
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Is Newark international university accredited?

Yes, it is accredited by the National academy of higher education association of distance learning programs, a member organization of the Educational quality accreditation com ( Full Answer )
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What is the address for Florida International University?

The general address for Florida International University is 11200SW 8th Street Miami, FL 33174. Specific buildings will have uniqueaddresses, so you may need to look online fo ( Full Answer )
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Is Princely International University an accredited university?

The accreditation of Full distance universities is not legalizedand does not follow a defined specefic pattern in the worldincluding USA. The Edexcel/BETEC of Uk is issuing pr ( Full Answer )
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What kind of information in the internal communication?

Internal communication refers to letters or memos that are only for people within a company, and generally not for the general public to see. That doesn't mean they have secre ( Full Answer )
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Where can information on international stocks be found?

Trading in international stocks may seem confusing, so many people look for advice and information on the process. While almost all big name investment firms (and plenty of l ( Full Answer )
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Where is Webber International University located?

Webber International University is located in Babson Park, Florida along Scenic Highway. The address is 1201 N. Scenic Highway, Babson Park, FL. 33827.
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When was Alliant International University formed?

Alliant International University is a private, non-profit higher education institution. The school was formed in 2001 and is based in San Diego, California.
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What has the author Paul D Bircham written?

Paul D. Bircham has written: 'The impacts on land use of CMHC municipal infrastructure assistance, 1961 to 1980' -- subject(s): Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Gove ( Full Answer )