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How do you hook up the vacuum cleaner for an in-ground pool?

Answer . If there is a vacuum port open it and turn off your skimmer port and reduce the flow in your main drain,If no vac port plug the hose into the skimmer, If you have ( Full Answer )
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Are you a vacuum cleaner?

No but Roomba is. Roomba is an automatic vacuum cleaner which moves around your house and picks up dirt and dust while moving. It does its job very well, saving you a lot of t ( Full Answer )
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What is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck up a mess or dirt in a carpet oron tile or wood floors, and all the gross junk goes into a bag orcontainer you throw away or dump in trashcan. ( Full Answer )
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Do spiders die after being sucked up into a vacuum cleaner?

Probably just depends. If you suck one up and then keep vacuuming, they will get buried under new dirt/debris and won't be able to get out. But if you just turn on the vacuum ( Full Answer )
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What is the vacuum cleaner tune up and shop vacuum?

Therefore, vacuum your carpets at least once a week, well. But what is your vacuum cleaner up to the task, or do you just wasting your time. There is a vacuum in poor conditio ( Full Answer )
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Can a vacuum cleaner work in a vacuum?

a vacuum cleaner uses air to create suction. in a vacuum there is no air. Therefore, the aswer is NO.
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What is the speed of light in a vacuum cleaner?

The answer depends on where in the vacuum cleaner and on the state of the cleaner. In any empty part of the vacuum cleaner, the speed of light is approx 299,700,000 metres pe ( Full Answer )
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Why there is no dirt in dirt cup after vacuuming?

Could be any number of things. Clogged airway, Worn filter..just take out and wash it with soap and warm water and let dry. If you use those scented powders with a filter vacu ( Full Answer )
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Can you vacuum paper with a vacuum cleaner?

Small pieces of paper can usually be vacuumed up withoutdifficulty, but if the paper is crumpled up, it could clog amachine.
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Why is a vacuum cleaner called a vacuum cleaner?

The machine gets its name from the fact that the fan in the unitmoves air and creates a low pressure pathway (a vacuum, though apartial one) that is open at the nozzle (or hos ( Full Answer )
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How is the vacuum created in a vacuum cleaner?

Although it is called a vacuum cleaner, it does not actually create a vacuum. Inside the cleaner there is an electric motor which drives a fan blade. This fan blows air out ( Full Answer )
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Is the Dirt Devil Plus a good vacuum cleaner?

The dirt devil plus is a pretty new vacuum cleaner. Everyone has a different opinion, but overall it can stand up to almost anything. For you to truly know how well this vacuu ( Full Answer )
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What vacuum cleaner can be used to pick up spilled toner?

Toner for copiers is very finely powdered, and a specially filteredvacuum is used to pick it up. Copier repair technicians are oftenseen with the 3M portable vacuum, which the ( Full Answer )
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What would cause vacuum cleaner vibrations?

most times there is a impeller out of balance from getting something small like a cherry pii or a small piece of hardware that got stuck in turbine veins the motor spins fast ( Full Answer )
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Do vacuum cleaners with beater bars suck up dirt when being pulled toward you?

The machine should suck up dirt whether being pushed or pulled. Theunit might work slightly better when being pulled because the brushbar will be rotating against the way the ( Full Answer )
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Which Dyson vacuum cleaner is safe for all floors?

Dyson manufactures vacuum cleaners for every type of home flooring. If a model is labeled as 'All-Floors', however, it means the vacuum is equipped to handle multiple types of ( Full Answer )
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How does the fan in vaccuums pick up dirt?

A propeller attached to the motor creates a vacuum (sucks air in)via an inlet. Within the cleaner itself there is an inline filterand receptacle, somewhere for the dirt to dro ( Full Answer )
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How does the fan inside a vacuum cleaner cause the machine to pick up dirt?

The fan in a vacuum cleaner moves air and creates an air stream.This moving air will entrain dirt and debris as the machinemoves over the floor. The roller agitates the fibe ( Full Answer )