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What is scientism in education classroom?

A good example of scientism in education is the No Child Left Behind Act (2002). Scientism is the belief that in the power of scientific techniques, and in the applicability of these techniques to all else - to human behaviour… Full Answer

Words that end with -ism?

Here are all the words that end in -ism abolitionism absenteeism absolutism abstractionism absurdism academicism academism achromatism acrotism actinism activism adoptianism adoptionism adventurism aeroembolism aestheticism ageism agism agnosticism agrarianism alarmism albinism alcoholism aldosteronism algorism alienism allelism allelomorphism allomorphism alpinism altruism… Full Answer

Who taught Galileo?

this might interest you..... Candidates for the 2010 steward elections are asked to submit their nominations by January 28. Nominate yourself.[Hide] [Help us with translations!] Galileo Galilei From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search"Galileo" redirects here. For other… Full Answer