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What instruments did The Monkees use?

Guitar and drums mainly. Mike and Peter were the musicians of the group, with Mike mostly on lead guitar. Peter could play anything, but he usually played bass guitar for the Monkees. Mickey also knew how to play a guitar… Full Answer

Duties of the ombudsman?

The Duties of the Ombudsman is to act promptly on complaints filed in any form or manner against public officials or employees of Government or any subdivision, agency or instrumentality thereof, including government-owned or controlled corporations, and shall, in appropriate… Full Answer

What rhymes with originality?

4 syllables banality, bestiality, brutality, centrality, fatality, mentality, plurality, venality 5 syllables criminality, cyclicality, functionality, illegality, immorality, immortality, informality, mutuality, nationality, personality, principality, punctuality, rationality, seasonality, speciality, technicality 6 syllables collegiality, conditionality, eventuality, impartiality, instrumentality, materiality, municipality proportionality, sentimentality, split… Full Answer

How does evangelion really end?

In the original anime, it was implied that Shinji accepted the Instrumentality Project but in the End of Evangelion movie he rejects it. Basically what happens in EoE is SEELE sends some military guys to destroy the Eva units as… Full Answer

What rhymes with fatality?

4 syllables: banality, bestiality, brutality, centrality, duality, finality, formality, frugality, legality, lethality, locality, mentality, modality, morality, mortality, neutrality, normality, plurality, reality, tonality, totality, venality, vitality 5 syllables: abnormality, actuality, commonality, criminality, criticality, cyclicality, functionality, generality, geniality, hospitality, illegality, immorality, immortality… Full Answer

Ticket cost for parifinalia in Utah?

This question has more than one answer. Title 58 Chapter 37a of Utah Criminal Code is specific to drug paraphernalia. Listed within 58-37a-5 are the definitions of each type of crime regarding paraphernalia. They are all misdemeanors and fall under… Full Answer

What is a liong word that end with y?

Interestingly, there are no words above 15 letters ending in 'y'. But at 15 letters, there are almost 500. If you remove, as I did, all the ones ending in 'ly', you are left with 159: agglutinability allotetraploidy antipornography antirationality… Full Answer

What rhymes with reality?

brutality, duality, fatality, finality, formality, frugality, legality, lethality, locality, mentality, modality, morality, mortality, neutrality, normality, tonality, totality, vitality, abnormality, actuality, commonality, criticality, generality, geniality, hospitality, liberality, musicality, nationality, partiality, practicality, sense modality, sensuality, sexuality, touch modality, triviality, unreality, with formality… Full Answer

Who was Richard Henry lee and what did he do?

Revolutionary statesman, a descendant of Richard Lee. He was born January 20, 1732 at Stratford Hall, the family seat in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He received his elementary instruction from private tutors and completed his education at Wakefield Academy in England… Full Answer