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Are hippos veg or non veg?

They are veg heads but are very territorial and will kill things such as crocs if they pass into their territory. but not for food purpas

Which is better non veg or veg?

Vegetarian is good for health. When you had non-veg in your /diet it takes lot of time to digest. Generally human body is compatible with vegetarian food.

Which food do more humans eat?

The one their taste buds prefer, veg is most as veg people eat veg and non veg people too have to cook it with veg stuff. Staple diets depend on what grows most in a particular region.

Is pizza contains non-veg?

Pizza can contain non-vegetarian toppings ( chicken, sausages ) A plain pizza by itself is Veg- the base is made of flour and a tomato base sauce.