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How do I write to Erin Hunter?

You can write a friendly or a business letter to Erin Hunter at: Author Erin Hunter HarperCollins Children's Books 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019-4703 Note: Erin Hunter does not have a fan email address. Full Answer

Are the Warrior books by Erin Hunter?

"Erin Hunter" is actually 4 people, all females who just adore cats! They created the Warrior Cats series. The 4 people decided to call the author Erin Hunter instead of listing each of their names. Erin Hunter represents each of… Full Answer

What deegres Erin Hunter hold?

Actually, Erin hunter is not a single person. There are 4 authors, and they all agreed on Erin Hunter so that on shelves they would be close to the Redwall series. So, you might want to ask which erin hunter… Full Answer