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Any romance high school animes?

Ouran High School Host club is high school with some romance Also try Special A it has both Vampire Knight is High School and romance but has some horror too < It is my fav Hope this helped ______________________________________________________________________ Hi… Full Answer

Can anyone suggest any good romance anime and a description of the series?

Vampire Knight (Romance/Supernatural) Rosario + Vampire (Romance/Action/Supernatural/Harem Comedy) DN Angel (Fantasy/Romance/Drama) Fruits Basket (Drama/Fantasy/Romance) Love Hina (Harem/Comedy) Ai Yori Aoshi (Romance/Comedy/Some Harem) Loveless (Drama/Fantasy/Mystery/Shonen-Ai) Ouran Host Club (Drama/Romance/Comedy) Ginban Kaleidoscope (Drama/Romance/Comedy/Sports) Chibi Vampire (Romance/Comedy/Supernatural) Air (Drama/Romance/Fantasy/Tragic) Tokyo Mew Mew (Romance/Drama/Magical… Full Answer