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Why are strawberries called 'strawberries'?

Originally they were called "strewberries," because they were"strewn" across the ground. ("Strewn" means thrown about.) The nameeventually evolved into "strawberries." Also, w ( Full Answer )
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What are strawberries?

Strawberries are a delicious fruit! They are red with their seeds on the outside. The best seasons to buy them are in summer and spring. If you want to grow them, it is best t ( Full Answer )
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Why is a strawberry called a strawberry?

According to, the origin is uncertain. . Graham Ross (Better Homes & Gardens, Australia) says that you should use straw to mulch around strawberry plants, an ( Full Answer )
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What is a strawberry?

A strawberry is a red fruit people eat . a strawberry is a red fruit between the size of a blueberry and an apple.
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Where are strawberries from?

The garden strawberry was initially bred in Brittany in 1740 from two wild varieties, one from North America and the other from Chile. Many countries produce strawberries toda ( Full Answer )
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Are strawberries vegetables?

Strawberries are not vegies (vegetables) because Strawberries are very sweet but some of them can be a little sour but there are not vegies they're fruit
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How do you harvest strawberries?

There are a few ways to harvest strawberries. You can pick themyourself by hand if you would like to.
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Where do strawberries grow?

Strawberries grow in Mexico, United States, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. To have a more specific answer you can go to
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What is in strawberries?

All red fruit has licopene - tomatoes, watermelon, etc... Strawberries have lots of Vitamin C and some Vitamin A. Here is a website that lists the nutritional content of all f ( Full Answer )
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How to grow strawberries?

Strawberrys are extmemely difficult to grow from seeds, the accepted way is to plant the 'runners' that grow from the parent and then cut off when established
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Where do strawberrys come from?

It is true that strawberrys grow in wales. WHERE IS WALES?. Strawberries come from the shop.
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Can you compost strawberries?

You can compost anything that was at any point a living thing. All fruit, all vegetables, leaves, straw, paper products (careful with ink, a lot of it contains toxic heavy ( Full Answer )
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What do strawberries have in them?

One half cup of raw strawberries contains 149% of the RDA of Vitamin C, Iron 3%, Calcium 2%, Protein 1 gram, 12 grams carbohydrates, 7 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fiber, 2 mg o ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with strawberries?

Cut them in half and arrange them on top of a cake. Serve them in bowls sprinkled with sugar or coated with cream. Slice them and eat them with shortbread. Chop them an ( Full Answer )
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How do you can strawberries?

I don't understand the question entirely but you can GET strawberries from the fruit shops. Or if you go to a plant shop or the Warehouse then you can get strawberry seeds. Mi ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a strawberry cake with no strawberries?

You can use a strawberry flavoring, about a tablespoon or teaspoon depending on the effect you would like to create. You could also use a strawberry jello filling or add a str ( Full Answer )
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What vitamins are there in strawberry?

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, and Betaine. (see related link below)
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Do strawberries have acid?

Basically anything that's sour has acid in it. (That includes basically all fruit.) However, the amount of acid is much less than, say, lemons or grapefruit.
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When are strawberries ripe?

When purchasing berries from the grocery store, shop with your nose. Always pick the plumpest and most fragrant berries. They should be firm, bright, and fresh looking with no ( Full Answer )
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Does strawberry have a seed?

Strawberries have seeds, they are one of the few fruits that carry seeds on the outside of the berry
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Where did the strawberry get its name?

From the Old English streawberige , from streaw "straw" + berige "berry." Probable origin from the appearance of the outer surface; 'chaff'-like spots(?). First attested ( Full Answer )
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How good are strawberries?

Serving Size: 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries (166 grams) . Calories 50 Protein 1 gram Carbohydrates 11.65 grams Dietary Fiber 3.81 grams Calcium 23.24 mg Iron 0.63 ( Full Answer )
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Do strawberries have calories?

Yes, there are calories in strawberries. For the calorie count of strawberries, by weight or size, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions. ( Full Answer )
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Why no strawberrys for baby?

Because babies are very sensitive and can get allergic reactions to strawberries :) (i hope this helped) :)
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How does a strawberry mold?

the moisture get to them after a while and the bacteria on them grow in little colonies until you can see it in the form of mold
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Can you cook strawberrys?

Yeah! One option is you can make a coulis (type of fruit sauce), just add a simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) to the fruit and cook and then puree and strain! Great f ( Full Answer )
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Is strawberries a seed?

NO, strawberries themselves are not seeds. However, the tiny yellow specks ON the strawberries are seeds.
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How do you sweeten strawberries?

After washing your strawberries, sprinkle them with a fine sugar(Caster/Bakers sugar). How much sugar you want to add is yourchoice, and the best way to tell is with a simple ( Full Answer )
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Can you freeze strawberry?

Yes, but not very successfully, strawberries are a very delicate fruit, the ice crystals formed during the freezing process destroy the cell walls so when the fruit defrosts i ( Full Answer )
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What you will get from strawberries?

Fresh fruit thats bright red colored & makes it look very inviting to eat. Juicy, sweet strawberries are ranked as 1 of the top 10 most favorite fruits. Some r sweeter than ot ( Full Answer )
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Where do strawberries grow on the strawberry plant?

They will bundle around where the flowers were after the plant finishes flowering. The bit that comes out the end of the strawberry is the middle of the flower.
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What is correct an strawberry or a strawberry?

"A strawberry" is correct. "An" should be used only before vowel sounds. Not all words that start with vowels start with vowel sounds, and not all words that start with vowel ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get strawberries?

In grocery stores but the strawberries we buy frm store r large, fiberous flesh, too firm, dry & no taste or sweet flavor coz they make them grow to fast. The best strawberrie ( Full Answer )