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Is it your moms or your mom's?

The spelling "your moms" is a plural noun, meaning your have more than one mom (one mom, two moms). The spelling "your mom's" has an apostrophe, which indicates it is a possessive noun, e.g. your mom's purse, your mom's nose.

Why are moms moms?

By definition, all moms are moms. They are moms because they have children. If you mean why they have children, the reasons vary. Some planned to have children and others just had sex, ended up pregnant, and decided to keep… Full Answer

Why is dance moms returning in June?

As abby said in episode 13 she needs a break from the moms the children and the yelling . dance moms miami just started to they are going to have a season and then dance moms and then dance moms… Full Answer