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Where is aluminium found?

Aluminium is Never found in its pure form, It is found together with other elements. The source from which we usually get aluminium is calledbauxite this is a mixture of alumi ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages of aluminium?

Lightweight . Excellent Corrosion Resistance . Strong . Strong at Low Temperatures . Easy to Work . Good Heat Conductor . Advantages of Aluminium . High Reflectivity . ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find aluminium?

You Can find aluminum foil at you local super market and even in gas stations. My Family Gets ours from wal-mart
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What are the properties of aluminium?

Aluminium . Density: 2.700 kg/mm 3 . Tensile strength: 700 Mpa (60 kg/mm 2 ) . Young's modulus (E) = 70,000 MPa . Like all metals, it is an excellent conductor of heat an ( Full Answer )
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What is Aluminium made out of?

Aluminium is an element so it's not composed of any other metals. It's extracted from an ore called bauxite. Aluminium is one of the base substances with its own place in the ( Full Answer )
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What is aluminium?

Aluminium is aluminum, a recyclable metal that is lightweight, strong, and conductive. It is inexpensive and will not rust, nor will this natural resource ever run out because ( Full Answer )
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What is aluminium used for?

Aluminum (aluminium) is used in a variety of industrial,structural, and consumer applications. Industry Aluminum is used in dyeing cloth, in making paper, and in tanninglea ( Full Answer )
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How do you make aluminium?

Aluminium could be made given sufficient energy. However it is an abundant element in ores in the earths crust so it is mined and refined. Refining is done through heating t ( Full Answer )
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Is aluminium brittle?

In my opinion, YES. Depending on the age of the aluminum and wether the connections were kept tight so heat would not affect it.
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Does aluminium rust?

Aluminum will oxidize (a rusting process) which is like rust but unlike iron which contains red oxides will not look red like iron rust .
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How strong is aluminium?

Aluminum [the metal] is possibly the strongest metal next to adimantium. Aluminum is capable of surviving blows from punches and various other metals without a scratch. Alumin ( Full Answer )
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How much is aluminium?

i don't know how much it is but it is worth 20 bars of chocolate, wait, Lauren probably ate the chocolate
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What makes aluminium?

Aluminum (elemental Al) is manifactured from the ore 'bauxite' (mainly Al 2 O 3 ) by electrolysis.
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Anneal aluminium?

\nRub the material for a period of 7 hours with your hands. It will then become hot and soften so that you can work it.
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What are aluminiums properties?

Aluminium properties include: . Low Density . Conductor of energy and electricity . Shapes easily . Does not corrode easily (Because of it's ore - bauxite) . Not a part ( Full Answer )
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Is aluminium pure?

it is one of the elements in the Periodic Table of the Elements, so yes, aluminum is a pure element. Steel is simply iron tempered in a different way, and thus is not on the P ( Full Answer )
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Why is aluminium not magnetic?

Because it does not contain copper, iron, there is one more but i cant remember it, hope this helps
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Where do you find aluminium?

at stores. it is actually called aluminom foil. reply: okay, that's what you can make from it, now where do you find the substance? its found in the earth's crust
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What is made out of aluminium?

cans are made out of aliminuum. AND..... tinfoiln oh yeah we smart haha joke Maii and Ashleigh. Nick Jonas=Studmuffin. Robert Pattinson= Gawjussss .
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Is aluminium renewable?

No. Aluminum is not renewable. All the metallic reources are non-renewable. Once used they cannot be renewed. Renewable resources are resources that can be renewed in a short ( Full Answer )
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Can aluminium be recycled?

Yes it can. Every recycled can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours.
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What is aluminium used in?

Aluminum can be used in a lot of places; cooking utensils, machinery, building supplies, vehicles.... It is a good conductor for heat and electricity.
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How heavy is aluminium?

The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.64, meaning it is 2.64 times the weight of an equivalent volume of water. A cubic foot of aluminum weighs 165 pounds.
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Is aluminium heavy?

Depends on how much of it you have. If you have a ton of aluminium, it will be quite heavy. If you have six ounce lump, it will be considerably less heavy.
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What are alloys in aluminium?

Aluminium alloys are alloys of aluminium, often with copper, zinc, manganese, silicon, or magnesum. A alloy is more than one metal combined to make a greater property
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What are facts of aluminium?

Aluminium is very important metal. It is used mostly in making utensils. Aluminum is commonly used in production of soda cans. From the periodic table, turns out that Aluminum ( Full Answer )
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What does aluminium mean?

aluminum is a metal with atomic no. 13 in the periodic table of elements. . Its symbol is Al. It has 3 electrons in it valence shell and can be found in the 3rd period and 3 ( Full Answer )
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How do you bond or glue aluminium to aluminium?

I would suggest melting the two pieces together (bonding) them. I also think that Aroldyte might work for gluing it. ANS 2 - Araldite or JB Weld will usually work depend ( Full Answer )
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What is aluminium fa├žade?

Facade literally means front or face, so it is an aluminum face, surface to a building, this will typically be in the form of cladding or lifewise.
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What is the disadvantage of aluminium?

That it becomes soft very fast as in the case of aluminium electrict towers. They need to be changed after every few years as they start bending
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What can you do with aluminium?

Most of the things you can do with steel, but you need to consider: Aluminum has about one-third the strength of steel when objects of equal weight and design are considered. ( Full Answer )
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Is there iron in aluminium?

Aluminium is a metal (an element), not an alloy. This means that it's only made up of aluminium atoms. It has no other impurities in it. Aluminium ore is called bauxite. This ( Full Answer )
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How can you recycle aluminium can?

some cities have curbside pickup for these as part of trashpickup, but in a different can . most towns have recycle drop off bins you can take them to . scrapyards will take ( Full Answer )
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Why aluminium does not oxide?

Aluminum DOES oxidize and veryrapidly , but the oxide is transparent very hard and glasslike. Once the surface of a piece of aluminum has oxidized acertain amount the pro ( Full Answer )
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Why do we recycle aluminium?

Simply because it's cheaper (and less energy hungry) to recyclealuminium - than produce new batches from raw materials. Aluminiumcan be infinitely re-cycled.