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Do eyes change color?

Eyes do change color. Newborn babies have blue eyes, which in most cases will change to some other color, brown being the most prevalent color. And the eyes of extremely elderly people can also change back to blue. Aside from… Full Answer

Are brown eyes beautiful eyes?

Brown eyes, like any color eyes, can be beautiful, but they may not be. It is said that "eyes are the windows to the soul." If this is true, the person's soul has a lot more to do with how… Full Answer

Can eye color change with your mood?

The pigment in your eyes does not change. That being said, your eyes adjust to the lighting conditions may appear to change color. Your mood can alter the muscles in your face to change the lighting conditions.

How can you get your eyes to change color?

The simple answer is no, you cannot get your eyes to change color naturally. You CAN wear colored contact lenses, which any optometrist can give you an exam to fit you with these lenses.

Why do my eyes change colour naturally?

(sorry about the spelling, I spell 'color' differently) My eyes change color as well. When I was eight I had blue eyes then they turned to green. Ever since my eyes change to blue at night and green during the… Full Answer