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Is it still possible that you can get pregnant if the sperm is coming out after sex when you urinate?

Answer . \nYES. Each time a man ejaculates he releases aprox 300,000 sperm. One drop can contain thousands. And once he cums in you the rest will fall out. It only takes 45 ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to get pregnant without sperm?

No. The only way to get pregnant is to be impregnated, and that means having a sperm cell fertilize your egg, or ovum.
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If you are on your period is it possible to become pregnant?

The standard answer to this question is 'yes.' It can and has happened. Bleeding at any time in the month, whether regular or irregular, does not indicate a "safe" time, and i ( Full Answer )
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Can you become pregnant if sperm gets on your vagina?

There may be some confusion here. The Vagina is a hole, and if sperm gets into that hole, and a few other things are right, pregnancy can happen. But we see the word "on" u ( Full Answer )
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Can you freeze sperm and then use it later to become pregnant?

It can be done, but not at home. It takes a specialized technique for the collection and freezing of the sperm in order to have viable sperm. . The process requires liquid n ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to become pregnant at 48?

If you're still menstruating it is possible. Low possibility, but still possible.. If you're still menstruating it is possible. Low possibility, but still possible.
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Is it possible to get pregnant with no period at all?

Technically, yes. If a women has intercourse just before the time she would have had her very first period, she can get pregnant without ever having had a period. Also, som ( Full Answer )
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Can you become pregnant from sperm?

Yes, that is exactly how you become pregnant; during sexual intercourse, if your partner ejaculates while inside you (not the butt). In addition, you'd have to be ovulating or ( Full Answer )
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Do you need sperm to become pregnant?

Yes. Pregnancy requires a fertilized egg implanting in the wall of the uterus, and an egg cannot fertilize without sperm.
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Can a girl become pregnant by eating sperms?

No, the sperm needs to reach the uterus before dying. Now, it will be on completely the wrong path if swallowed (digestive, not reproductive), so there's no risk of pregancy.
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Is it possible to get pregnant if the sperm went inside and the patner is on you for 3 mins and when he take out his penis all the sperm which went inside comes out and a little bit of it must have g?

Asking such a question reveals a lack of knowledge about procreation. If you do not know the mechanics and consequences of pregnancy you should not be indulging in sexual acti ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to get pregnant if you put your underwear on with sperm on the vagina?

First I will always say that unless you are abstinent, there is always a possibility of being pregnant.It is highly unlikely, but it is possible I suppose you can get pregnan ( Full Answer )
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Do all sperms have to enter you to get pregnant?

No. Millions of sperm come out at once, and many if not all are killed upon entering the woman. When they do enter, they are joined with different fluids to help prevent them ( Full Answer )
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If sperm touches surface of vagina what are possibilities of getting pregnant?

As it is the sperm that impregnates and if the sperm gets in the vagina there is a possibility. No form mechanical or chemical contraception for normal intercourse is 100% fo ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to still get pregnant if his sperm works but doesn't swim?

Anything is possible, but is VERY rare. But, how are you positive that his sperm doesn't swim, because there is a big difference between doesn't swim and doesn't swim well. If ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnant?

Yes it is possible, because say for example, you had an ectopic pregnancy in one fallopian tube, then you could still have a pregnancy in the uterus or another ectopic pregnan ( Full Answer )
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Can you leave a dildo in all night?

No. Most likely you'll end up with an infection. There is a lot of bacteria and this would leave an means for an infection to get started. I used to do it every night. But ( Full Answer )
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Are you sure that it in possible to get pregnant if you swallow the sperm?

Pregnancy is almost ALWAYS the result of sexual Intercourse and even in the most perfectly optimum intimate circumstances conception is iffy at best. So the answer is almost c ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to get pregnant by inserting the sperms for only a single time?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Can get pregnant anytime you have sex (man's penis in your vagina - intercourse). Even the very 1st and only time for you virgins. Its possible to get pregnant ( Full Answer )