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What causes toenails to start falling off?

Well, it depends really. It can be caused by, fungus, injury or infections. Fungus can cause certain things to happen to your toenail, for example, it could turn yellow, brown or white, it could become overgrown and thick and it… Full Answer

Do dog's teeth fall off?

dogs teeth do fall off they are just like us humans, but if you play tug of war with them their teeth can come out crooked. other people think that they don't fall of but its a matter of opinion.

Why do my toenails keep falling off?

A fungus can cause toe nails to become separate from the nail bed or fall out. See your doctor. He will prescribe a medication cream to use. It can take weeks to months to see improvement.

Why do you have no toenails?

Some people do not have toenails because they might of smashed their toe, and that can cause your toenail to break off. After a short period, they should grow back. Also, some people may have birth defects, and are born… Full Answer