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Could it be possible to get a positive result only 2 weeks after having unprotected sex if you took a test without knowing when your period would start and it came back positive?

Answer . \nIt is very possible. Usually false positives are only generated through the use of horomone pills/injections, or recently having a miscarriage or giving birth. ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pregnant from sex the week after your period?

Answer . \nYes.\n. \nIf you have a 28 day cycle, your fertile time is from about day 10-16. The week after your period is a definite fertile time.\n. \nCount 14 days ba ( Full Answer )
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Could you be pregnant if you have missed your period for a week feel no other abnormal signs except for morning sickness that lasted 2 weeks and made sure you never had sex without a condom and pulled?

Answer . Yes. Missing your period is a sign of pregancy. Morning sickness is called that only if you are pregnant. You might just be sick for two weeks. If you had s ( Full Answer )
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You have been having cramps for four days already and my period does not come could you be pregnant I HAD SEX ALMOST TO WEEKS AGO ON THE 23RD AND I SUPPOSE TO GET MY PERIOD 29-30..?

Answer . Often when yopu are new to sex, the activity can cause a urinary tract infection. Do you have a fever? Temp over 100.5 is a fever and you need antibiotics. Also c ( Full Answer )
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What was to happen if you have your period and his sperm went on the condom but the second time he uses the same condom it breaks while your having sex can you get pregnant?

Answer . oh yes you can get pregnat. Answer . ive learned that it is possible but very unlikely. i did alot of research because i was in a similar situation. you can on ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to get pregnant without sex?

Answer . Yes, you can get pregnant by in vitro fertilization. There are some species of plants, animals, and insects that do have asexual reproduction (pregnancy without se ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible the gal can be pregnant if she had the period last week and you had unprotected sex?

Simply stated ... Yes! The gal can get pregnant: . before her period . during her period . after her period . PERIOD . That's it in a nutshell - Hopefully the guy is wi ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to have your period if you are 1-2 weeks pregnant?

No, it is not possible to have a menstrual cycle if you are pregnant. It is common to have bleeding during your first trimester and about 30% of women have bleeding during sec ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to get pregnant without the use of a condom the day after your period is over?

it depends you might want to check or google information on fetility beads. Myth: I can get pregnant at any time of the month. Truth: Duri ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to not get pregnant without using a condom?

Yes it is In the first place there are a variety of Devices other then condoms available to stop pregnancy. then there are contraceptive medications that can be injected taken ( Full Answer )
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If i had unprotected sex and i was ovulating then my period started 2 weeks later is it possible for me to be pregnant?

First I will always say that unless you are abstinent, there is always a possibility of being pregnant. Yes, you can get pregnant. Your ovulation time is the prime to try to g ( Full Answer )
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Can a woman get pregnant while on the pill after having unprotected sex a week before her period?

If a woman is on the BCP and taking it as ordered by her doctor - she is not having unprotected sex! - the sole purpose of BCP in regards to a woman and her fertility is ( Full Answer )