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Should you use a lubricant when trying to get pregnant?

Answer . No, you should not use anything chemical that may impede the progress of the sperm. Also, it will help if you wait several days between "trying" so that there are m ( Full Answer )
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Are sunrider product are safe to be use especially in a pregnant women?

Answer - Sunrider Foods and Products Yes! All Sunrider products are safe for everybody including kids and pregnant women. Owner expertise is especially important in the h ( Full Answer )
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Is it safe to use bleach while pregnant?

Is is safe to breath in bleach while pregnant?. most cleaning products, including bleach are fine during pregnancy - as long as you work in a well ventilated area - and this ( Full Answer )
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What are dildos?

Dildos are plastic penises that are used by women to mastrubate by inserting the dildo into the vagina to pleasure themselves.
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What can you use other than a dildo?

There are many things that can replace a dildo. Vegetables, and certain fruits can work well. I have seen other household items used. Almost anything that is somewhat in the s ( Full Answer )
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What can a man use as a dildo?

A pocket vagina, like a fleshlight or do you mean a dildo like a plastic penis?
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Is it okay to use a dildo?

yes, just take your time, dont force it, use a lubricant and wash it afterwards, or use a condom
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Can a man use a dildo?

Men can use dildos to pleasure themselves. It's very common amongst bisexual and homosexual men. They use it in the anus as a woman would use it in the vagina.
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How do girls use dildos?

shove it up in there, twist it about, then pretty soon you'll scream and shout!
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Is it safe to use suboxone while pregnant?

No. Suboxone may cause birth defects. If a woman taking Suboxone becomes pregnant, tell your doctor right away. It is important to discuss the benefits and risks of the medica ( Full Answer )
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Do lesbians use dildos?

Yes they have been known to use dildos, as well as other sex toys. It is common for women to use sex toys, whether they are lesbian, bi, or strait.
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What can a guy use as a dildo?

If you are in need of a dildo I would recommend that you buy (or mail order) an actual dildo from a sex shop, one made of silicone, which is durable, easy to clean, and soft e ( Full Answer )
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How do you use anal dildos?

First cover the item with a lubricant or if don't have lubricant use vegetable oil or Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Then insert the item slowly into either your or your partner' ( Full Answer )
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Is it safe to use a laptop while pregnant?

Yes, it is completely safe to use a laptop while pregnant, although the further along you get, the less lap you will have :) The only physical problems or discomfort caused by ( Full Answer )
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How long should you use a dildo?

how long as you want if it feels good keep stuffing it into your viginia it feels so good i went for an hour and i didn't even know
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If you use a dildo are you still a virgin?

No, and you'll get pregnant too. Funny answer by original contributor. Following by kedwa30: Jesus says that if you lust in your mind then you have committed adultery in y ( Full Answer )
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Is it safe to use electric blankets when pregnant?

No. You don't want to raise your core body temperature above 103 degrees Fahrenheit, since that could cause physical abnormalities in your developing baby.
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What house hold items can you use as a dildo?

You can use the end of a hair brush or lint roller. A small cucumber or carrot . And then use the vibrations with your cellphone
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Is it safe to use Chloroseptic while pregnant?

Using Chloraseptic is ok to use, but only the childrens one because it has less things in it to harm the baby.
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Is it safe to try and get pregnant shortly after you get off the pill what are risks of miscarraige?

The pills use is to tell your body you're pregnant so your egg stays in you and doesn't fertilize. It's recommended to wait at LEAST 3 months before trying to conceive. You ca ( Full Answer )
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Is robitussin cough and cold safe to use while pregnant?

Yes. Yes it is. Although it's Highly Doubtful that you will succeed in killing the unborn baby. It's recommended that you seek Professional medical help when considering ( Full Answer )
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Is it safe to be on lexpro while trying to get pregnant?

Lexapro is not approved for pregnancy but I would talk to your dr.They may switch you to a lower dosage or to a pregnancy approved antidepressant.
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Can you use tampons as dildos?

they would be little ones... but i guess anything you could fit in it can be used for pleasure.
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Are dildos oh Kay to use in the anus?

As long as you are sensible about it. Lubrication is a must. Size does matter, you have to start small and work your way up. Being too aggressive can cause tears and going too ( Full Answer )
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Is calmoseptine safe to use when pregnant?

No, calmoseptine may not be safe to use when pregnant. You shoulddiscuss with your doctor if you are pregnant and plan to usecalmoseptine.
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Can an anal dildo be used everyday?

You can if you want to and feel up to using it. There is no rule against this. Just as long as you don't injure yourself or do it more frequently than is comfortable for you.