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Is Nikon better than Canon?

Canon Verses Nikon Both my sisters have Nikon digital cameras, and I have a digital Canon Rebel. Personally, I find that the Canon's pictures come out looking better. But, it ( Full Answer )
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New Nikon D60 Advantages?

I recommend you to see Youtube Video about Nikon D60 and you'll get know of all Nikon D60 Advantages.
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How do Canon and Nikon cameras compare to each other?

Comparing Canon and Nikon Cameras Though both are excellent brands, I personally like Canon digital cameras more than Nikon. ---------------------------------EDIT--------- ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy Nikon d60 battery?

Buy Nikon D60 battery, and you will save 20%! Full one year warranty! Website:
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Nikon d60 features?

Image sensor 23.6 x 15.8 mm CCD sensor. Total pixels 10.75 million. Image size (pixels) 3,872 x 2,592. Viewfinder;. Focusing screen;. Shutter speed 1/4,000 to 30 s i ( Full Answer )
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Nikon d60 vs nikon d80?

The D60 is much lighter and smaller. It is better if you mostly shoot with Auto or Program Mode The D80 (and D90) is heavier and bigger but has better controls for manual adj ( Full Answer )
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Will a canon flash work on a Nikon camera?

Short answer: "Not recommended". Long answer: The center contact on a flash shoe transmits the signal for a flash to fire. This contact is in the same place on all cameras th ( Full Answer )
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Which camera is better canon or Nikon?

The short answer is: "Depends". The long answer is: Both Canon and Nikon make cameras and lenses that are so good and so reliable that it is impossible to make a statement of ( Full Answer )
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Which is better canon or Nikon?

I use a canon 7D and have seen that the clarity of a picture is same as taken on a nikon D90. However, it depends upon how one looks at a camera and a photo taken from a photo ( Full Answer )
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Nikon or canon?

Whichever feels more comfortable to use; Nikon and Canon both make excellent cameras and lenses.
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Can a Nikon lenses work on a canon DSLR?

Each manufacture has it's own unique lens mounts. Even inside of each manufacture they can have multiple lens mounts, example would be Canon has the EF and EF-S mounts which f ( Full Answer )
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Is a canon rebel xs or canon rebel xsi better camera?

The Xsi was release a year after the Rebel XS and has a few extra features. For example, the Xsi is a 12 megapixel sensor while the xs has a 10.1 megapixel sensor. If you're l ( Full Answer )
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Which one is better in Nikon slr camera and canon slr camera?

A Nikon and a Canon are equivalent in quality. The Nikon is significantly more costly than the Canon.. Most Nikon buyers would disagree but do some research before you buy. M ( Full Answer )
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What camera is better for my first DSLR Nikon D40 or Canon Rebel?

I have a Canon Rebel series. This is really a matter of opinion, either one are great for first time DSLR owners. I personally chose at the time what camera to get based on ad ( Full Answer )
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What are Canon EOS Rebel XS 35MM camera's worth?

I have one on Ebay at the moment and after 6 days its still only at 99c They are not worth very much like all 35mm cameras now. Im guessing you would get approx $10 to $20AU f ( Full Answer )
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How do Vortex Scopes compare in quality and optics to Leupold and Nikon?

As far as quality and durability vortex has Leupold and Nikon beat. Optics_----- That's all in how you see things .I have looked thru the vortex viper HS model VHS-4302 44mm,L ( Full Answer )
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Does the canon rebel XS shoot video?

No, the Rebel XS, being one of the cheapest D-SLR's on the market today, cannot shoot video.
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Uploading pictures from Canon rebel xs?

Just need a usb & the program from Canon. Check their site. If you have windows, use photo gallery-import from camera.
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Does the Canon Rebel XS do video?

No it does not. These Canon EOS cameras have video mode: EOS-1D Mark IV, 5D Mark II, 7D, Rebel T1i, and Rebel T2i. (as of June 2010)
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Will Nikon lens work on Canon eos rebel cameras?

A Nikon Lens will not fit on a Canon camera. Edit: All camera brands have their own bayonet, so they won't be able to take lenses from other brands, but if for example you w ( Full Answer )
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Will a Nikon flash work on a canon camera?

Short answer is no ... most flash units are camera specific, meaning that they will only work with the camera they were designed for. . Longer answer is yes ... if you want t ( Full Answer )
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Which one should you get... Nikon D3100 or Canon Rebel T3i?

We can not say that, that depends on a lot of stuff. Do you already have lenses for Nikon or Canon? People have different meanings about that, do you know someone who has more ( Full Answer )
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Nikon D3200 or Canon 550D?

Has anyone tried - AZON DEAL DIGGER (just google it) There is a little gold box on the site that gives discount promo codes for any product on Amazon. Got my nikon d3200 for c ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a Canon Rebel XS?

Canon Rebel XS is a great camera available at a very wide variety of retailers. You can purchase a Canon Rebel XS online at sites like Rakuten, Ebay, or Amazon.
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Where could one purchase a Canon Rebel XS?

The Canon Rebel XS is a model of camera first produced in 2008. It can be purchased through retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and Newegg.
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Where can one compare prices for the Canon MF6530?

One can compare prices for the Canon MF 6530 online by visiting Canon's official website. In addition, one can compare prices by visiting Amazon or eBay.
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Which DSLR brand is better Nikon or canon?

The answer to your question is.... NEITHER! They are both very much tied in quality of models they produce, and also indeed their service. Thus, it is not what brand you wish ( Full Answer )
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Which camera should I choose the Nikon D5100 the Canon 600D or the Nikon D5200?

There are many websites which will compare cameras for you. You should base your decision on what you want in a camera because others may be looking for different qualities in ( Full Answer )