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What is micro cutting?

Micro-cutting propagation is basically a stem cutting technique which uses cuttings from the juvenile mother plants. The juvenile mother plants are obtained either from micro propagated materials 9 tissue culture) or from seeds. The micro-cutting technique is suitable for most… Full Answer

Artificial way of growing new plants?

Artificial Propagation of Plants Plants normally reproduce through seeds, spores or reproductive growths such as rhizomes or tubers. However, artificial propagation may present a number of advantages under certain circumstances. Cutting Grafting Marcotting/ Air layering Budding Tissue culture

What is the importance of plant propagation?

Plant propagation is important because it multiplies the number of plants rapidly, and prevents the plant species from being lost or extinct. It retains the desirable characteristics of the mother plants, and shortens the bearing age of plants.

What is cutting and grafting in science?

cutting is a method of artificial propagation in which the small stem cutting having buds is sowed to get plant variety and in grafting a piece of stem of desired plant is connected to the stem of another plant..